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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 4 part 1


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Labyrinths, lines in front of the casinos, those are traits of Labyrinth City.

It is one of the gambling grounds where adventurers put everything they have to earn money according to their bets.

There are group restrictions that go from under 10 till under 40. Under 10 is for people from Lv 1 up to Lv 10, and under 40 is for people from Lv 1 up to Lv 40. Though there are no Lv 1 that will enter the Under Lv 40 group.

The rules of the fight are easy. Five fighters fight in the same stage, and the one standing on the end wins.

The results go according to the fighter’s level, if it’s a high Lv fighter, then the stakes are low, and if its level is low, the stakes are high.

By the way, fighters can only bet on themselves. And 1% of the money from the bet goes to the arena regardless of victory or defeat, but it doesn’t apply to a newcomer.

Well, what I want to say is that I have status impossible to achieve at my level, so I would be the best in the arena.

“……….. Yes, something like this”

In the inn’s room. I disguise myself with the disguise I had prepared beforehand, and nod in satisfaction when I look at the mirror.

In the mirror, my silver-white hair is dyed black, and I have black top and bottom. I have a mask. The mask is a simple one with the eyes and mouth as a half-moon facing upwards. It’s a mask from Phantom Master.

A human being is a creature that is more likely to remember a feature from a person rather than the person itself. And watching me, the only features are that I’m wearing a mask and full black clothing.

Besides, I will also use an alias. I have a completely different aura and a cool name.

The plan for today is as follows.

First of all, I will enter in the group of under 20. According to my status, I could enter the group of under 30, but just in case I will go to under 20. In under 20, the lowest level fighter are Lv 11, so I would get considerably high stakes.

Then, I will try to keep low profile. By doing this I can carve my presence as that of a man in black clothes.

In the actual combat, I will wait for the others to fight and I will fight the last one. Perhaps the others will leave me at the end because I’m a Lv 3 small fish, after all the Lv 3 at the end can’t do nothing but lose.

And then finally, the one that stands in the end will be defeated in a blow by me.

The other fighter will have low physical strength after the previous fights, and I am just a small fish. So he will completely lower his guard. Then I will end the fight with a powerful blow.

My alias that I thought after the meal, more precisely after the dessert, will surprise everyone. In the arena, in the midst of the noise and astonishment.

I will introduce myself with my alias.

“……. Fu, huhuhuhuhuhu”

Tonight, the name “Jet-black darkness” will become a legend.

The arena is full of people, even though it’s still daytime.

There is the group of people making their bets, and another group of people completely different.

Looking at that, there are groups of people lined up fully equipped. It seems that that is the fighter’s entry.

I wear my cloak’s hood and wait in line for my turn.

After waiting for an hour. My turn finally came; I stand in front of the reception girl with cat ears and say in a voice slightly lower than usual.

“… I would like to join the arena”

The receptionist looks at the document, then at me, then again at the document in her hand.

She’s probably surprised because there are no adventurers that use a mask like this.

However, she’s a professional. She smoothed it over with a business smile and says.

“Welcome to the arena, have you ever participated before?….. Nyan”

“No, it’s my first time”

“Then, fill the required information in this document… Nyan. Meanwhile I will measure your Lv here… Nyan”

“Measure my Lv?”

“To be sure that there is no fraud… Nyan. Nothing more than the Lv can be seen, so you can be relieved… Nyan”

“Is that so? I understand. Thanks… Nyan”

“Don’t imitate me please! … Nyan. I don’t do it because I like it… Wan. It’s my owner’s interests… Nyan”

While listening to the reception girl’s protest I fill the document.

Besides the Lv and name, the amount of money you bet on yourself, the class and equipment are necessary.

By the way, my equipment is the mask, clothes and a shortsword.

Since the equipment is considered on the bets, I can get high stakes like this. This is why I decided on under 20.

When I finish the document and hanf it over, her face cramps.

“Eh, the entry name is (Jet-black darkness)? The bet is one gold coin in the group under 20 even though you are Lv 3… Moreover, the equipment is only a shortsword”

“Ehm, could you stop it if this is a joke?… Nyan. We don’t have time for that… Nyan”

“I’m serious”

“… Are you insane? Nyan. Even though people who show killing intent to a fighter unable to fight will be stopped, any deaths that happen will be the fighter’s own fault… Nyan”

“I know”

As I said so, the receptionist sighs deeply and says “There are occasional rookies like you, Nyan”

She puts the stamp on the document as she says that.

“Please wait in the fighter’s room after you paid the amount of your bet Nyan”

She points at the fighter’s waiting room with a routine attitude.

“Thank you Nyan”

“Try to get killed soon and realize the difficulty of the world Nyan”

That was the last thing the receptionist said to me with her eyes as if she was looking at a rat going to a room filled with cats.

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