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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 4 part 2


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[Well, it’s almost time for the third match for today. Have you made your bets? It’ll be too late if you think you can make your bets later]

When the slightly cracked voice coming from a magic loudspeaker in the venue, the people started to stand up and move rapidly.

The ones that lost on their bets leave quietly, while the ones that won move to the hall to make their bets.

After waiting for some time for the people to take their seats, the host starts to introduce the people that will fight.

[Well, I’ll begin introducing the fighters. Entry No. 1, fighter Saugen, Lv 20. Has participated in nine fights and has won seven! The stakes are 1.70]

Along with the host’s words, a 2 meters tall giant equipped with a huge axe and shield moves forward and waves to the spectators.

Then, from the public come shouts “Don’t lose Saugen!”, “Please, I’m betting gold coins!” “Saugen! Saugen!”. It seems that he is rather popular. These popular fighters are commonly called gladiators instead of adventurers, because of the money that they earn here.

[Then the next one, it’s the only woman in the group! She is a popular fighter that has participated once or twice in the group under 20. It’s Lilia! She is the highest level here, Lv 20. She’s a powerful mage that casts strong magic without chanting, if it hits, it’s a defeat. A fighter that will be crushed by her opponents or will remain standing in the end. The stakes are 2.40]

A beautiful girl with red-colored hair tied in twin-tails waves her hand modestly, the public then started calling out her name. It’s like she is an idol and not a gladiator. The ones supporting the supposedly best Saugen are quiet now.

[Entry No. 3. Billy, who has fought as a gladiator for over a year already. He won 10 fights out of 10 in the group under 10. He is a strong man that grew up and is now Lv 12, even though the number is low, the stakes are at 7.20!! Quite the unexpected profit!?]

A man with blond hair and stud nose waves his hand. He has a terrible look of a regular of the group under 10.

[Next is entry No. 4. Yard, who almost won his last fight. Lv. 16. This is his second fight and revenge. The stakes are at 5.20]

That fighter Yard has his eyes shut closed and doesn’t even look at the public or the other fighters. He is fully dressed in armor and carries a huge sword in his back. Most surely the stakes are low because of his equipment.

And finally, my turn to be introduced.

[Lastly, entry No. 5…………. Pu]

The host’s voice stops mid-way. The public start whispering in confusion.

[M-My apologies. Entry No. 5. Jet…. Bufuu, Jet-black darkness!]

At the host’s introduction the hall broke out in laughter.

“Jet-black hahahaha darkness hahahaha” “This is so good hahahahaha” “The dark history has come hahaha” “Huhuhu, if it was me, I would rather commit suicide hahaha” “Hahahaha, I can’t hahahahahahaha stop laughing hahahahahaha” “He is darkness itself wearing that outfit hahahahaha”

The other fighter’s shoulders are shaking too from their laugh. Especially Billy, he is rolling on the ground while laughing. Even the quiet Yard can’t hide his laugh as his armor is rattling continuously.


In the meantime, I endured everything without saying anything.

Actually, I expected this to happen. Both in the first and second fights everyone used real names and equipment expected from adventurers.

The way the fights occurred was competitive, and not the barbarous killing I had anticipated.

In that type of arena, if someone calls himself “Jet-Black darkness”, this would happen.

Rather, what is that about jet-black darkness? Did I think it was cool? Aaaaah, this is so embarrassing! Due to the name jet-black darkness I wore this mask that goes with it…. Aah… I want to die…

[Jet-Black darkness! It’s a fighter that is participating for the first time. Lv. 3, his equipment is only a short sword. That mask doesn’t seem to have any special abilities]

When my Lv and equipment were announced the public grew louder. Most of the people are holding their bellies due to the laugh.

[The stakes for jet-black darkness are over the roof as a show of kindness for this newcomer, it’s 120.00! Can he win and become rich? Then, let this fight begin!]

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