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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 4 part 3


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Although the host hit the gong to signal the start of the fight, no one moved even a step. Everyone is still holding their stomachs from the laugh.

Eventually Billy starts walking towards me while laughing.

“Hihii, Ku, this is painful, you are the best, this is the first time I laughed so hard”

The other fighters are watching while grinning.

“Rather… Bufu, what is that mask? Hey, let me check your face for a moment”

When Billy stands before me, he reaches out his hand to grab my mask.

At that moment, Billy’s body flew.

Billy’s body flew 5 meters while drawing a beautiful curve in the air, and drops on the ground while producing a sound that makes it clear that he won’t be getting up anytime soon. His body convulsed once and stopped moving.

“…………….. Hah?”

The host’s voice echoed in the arena. The host’s reaction was the same as the watcher’s.

While everyone in the arena was in silence I start to move slowly.

At this point there is no way my original plan will work.

There is only one thing in my head.

I want to knock down everyone else quickly and leave this place as soon as possible.

The one closes to me from the fighters is Yard.

He holds up his big sword and watches out for me.

Compared to Yard, I am not holding up my sword. Although that is the case, I’m walking up to him casually.

Under the pressure he yells to gather courage and attacks me with his sword.

However, for me who has a reaction of 37, that slash is nothing worth mentioning.

I move half a step to dodge that slash and slash with my short sword.

Normally, you can’t penetrate his armor’s high defense with the mass-produced short swords. Everyone thought so, and Yard was sure about that.



The short sword tore up Yard’s full armor as if it was paper.

Yard muttered that as he falls forward while coughing out blood.

I support such Yard with one hand.

Then I turn around and block Lylia’s chantless air blast using Yard as a shield.

“You must be kidding!?”

I respond to Lylia’s astonishment by throwing my short sword at her.


Then I receive Sogen’s axe attack with Yard’s big sword.

To use Yard’s big sword that is as big as me with only one hand, and receive Sogen’s axe lightly, he ends up distorting his face bitterly.

“You, are you really Lv 3?”


I don’t answer his question and push his axe away with the big sword.

Sogen tried resisting with both hands, but he couldn’t resist being pushed back.

“Ku…. Kukukukuku”

A small man like me – Against him who is taller than the average man – And the sight of him being pushed back by me using only one hand made all the viewers doubt their eyes.

Moreover, the person being held back is Lv 20, while the one pushing him back is Lv 3.

An unexpected sight. While everyone was finding it hard to accept reality, it was Sougen who found it the hardest to accept it.

“N-Not bad… I was quite confident in my strength… I-It’s my defeat, huh? So this is Jet black darkness’ strength…….?”

At the end I kicked Sougen in his stomach and his body was bent as he flew away.

His body flew horizontally and rolled on the ground.


Lylia who was in mid of a lengthily chant was interrupted and crashed into the wall together with Sougen. She was knocked out together with a friend.

And, I become the only one conscious on the arena.

The host recovered himself and declares my victory.

[……… A-And the winner is Jet Black Darkness!]

One beat later, the venue exploded in cheers.

Astonishment, joy, and angriness. In the arena there were multiple emotions, and all of those were directed to me, while I under the mask was crying.

(It was good that I decided to use a mask… If there was no mask, I would die of embarrassment…)

This day, I received a wound that wouldn’t disappear no matter how much money I made.

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