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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 5 part 1


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(I want to die…)

Damn… The day after the black history incident.

I am rolling in my own bed in self-hatred due to the embarrassment.

Yesterday was definitely the worst day of my life. The experience of being eaten alive by kobolds was awful, but that caused me to acquire that knowledge, so it zeroes out; what I obtained yesterday was garbage compared to what I lost in the process.

Even though the money goes when used, the shame and regret will follow me my entire life. A sum of 120 gold coins can last for someone to live ten years, but in the game that amount can be used quickly.

That small sum can’t be compared to the shame I was faced with yesterday.

Besides, it was hard to get this money.

A Lv 3, with only a short sword, overwhelmed fully equipped people at Lv 20. If I won that by something akin to a strike of luck at the last minute due to the opponent being caught off-guard, as scheduled, the audience may have been convinced. However, Billy’s face was destroyed with a single blow, the other guy’s full armor was cut with the short sword, and Sogen, who boasts of his brute strength, was overwhelmed in a power contest, an impossible win was done.

Sure enough, after the audience members made a big loss they rushed to the receptionist to complain and ask who that fighter was.

Although I wanted to leave as soon as possible, I was forced on an open examination in front of the audience members. The remeasuring of Lv, the inspection of my equipment. When they made sure I wasn’t cheating, the hall was fully absorbed in the mysterious jet-black darkness.

It was the same sight I had imagined in my mind when I thought of the name, but at that moment, that sight was a torture for me who knew that I had a awful naming sense.

Even now I can clearly see that scene if I close my eyes.

I’m the only one standing in the arena. Full spectators, all screaming while standing. Jet-Black Darkness! Jet-Black Darkness! Jet-Black Darkness! Jet-Black Darkness! Jet-Black Darkness! Jet-Black Darkness! Jet-Black Darkness! Jet-Black Darkness, Jet-Black Darkness, J- Jet-Black Darkness, J-J-J- Jet-Black Darkness.


I was raped! My pure heart was raped!

The heart of this pure boy was violated by hundreds of people, and even after I felt like crying they continued to shout without letting me go.

Even the host was trying to dig into my personal information, but I kept quiet and received the prize money, then left the stadium.

At that moment a tag game with my life on the line started.

Yes, the guests started to shadow me.

The audience, someone from the management team from the arena, a powerful person trying to scout me, an adventurer trying to know the secret of my strength, people asking me who I knew. If my real name is exposed, my life will come to an end.

If someone discovers that Jet-Black Darkness is Alkain, it will echo far back into my hometown, and everyone including my family will point their backs towards me. To suddenly put a big burden on my younger sister after I left the hometown. I have to avoid it at any cost.

Of the status, strength and reaction are related to agility. For a body with high physical strength, a suitable response from the body is necessary, and that comes from reaction.

My strength is over 30, reaction over 35, that is already god-like speed. In addition to that, there are not that many human beings with reaction over 30, so they won’t even be able to follow me with their eyes.

I was able to lose my chasers, changed out from my disguise and returned to the inn’s room without eating. The Jet-Black Darkness disappeared right there.

Jet-black darkness will never again appear, never again.

That name will continue to live as a legend of a mysterious newcomer who came to the arena only once.

(… All right, it’s said that rumors last just 75 days, by then the audience will forget that a newcomer like me even appeared)

I persuade myself, and then I remember that I hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday afternoon and go down to the dining room.

Then I would know how sweet my thoughts were.

“Agh, good morning~. You came late today”

As I came down, Elise brightly calls out to me.

“Yes, I decided to take a rest today”

As expected, I don’t feel like doing anything today.

“Although adventurers go out every day, it’s important to take a break”

After Elise said that, she went into the kitchen for my meal.

When I sit in a free table, I heard a conversation coming from the ones on the next table.

“Hey, what are you going to do today?”

“Aah? Isn’t that obvious, I’m going to the arena”

“Again? Didn’t you go yesterday? You even promised to keep your gambling to once a week”

“Haha, today is special, because Jet-Black Darkness may come back again today”

(…… Ugh)

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