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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 5 part 2


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I got a bad feeling from the contents of the conversation; after all they are still talking about it. I didn’t expect people to still be talking about that. There was something that was bothering me from what he said.

However, I was forced out of my thoughts by the next words.

“Jet-black darkness? Ooh, yesterday people were quite noisy about that”

“What, didn’t you know? Right now that is the hottest topic around”


I scream in my mind.

Why? Why in the town? This must be a lie, this, this shouldn’t have turned out like this…

“Really? What did that Jet-black something do?”

“Rather than do, he is a legend. He became a legend”


“Yes, a mysterious swordsman that appeared in the group under 20, a Lv 3, and instantly took down popular fighters like Saugen and Lilia… His face was covered with a mask, so his identity is unknown…”

“A Lv 3 in the group under 20, that is impossible.. What is his name?”

“I already told you, Jet-black darkness”

“? That is the alias, isn’t it? The arena requires the name”

“No, the entry name is Jet-black darkness”

“…………….? Did he name himself like that?”

“Yes, incredible, right?”

“Haha, that is amazing. That is way more amazing than a Lv 3 winning in the group under 20”


The voice in my head doesn’t reach him.

“Rather, Did he appear like that in front of the spectators? It would be impossible for me”

“That’s because you are a coward. It’s obvious that it’s because it’s cool. Though I don’t know why it’s Jet-black”


“? What do you mean?”

“I’m speaking about the alias Jet-black darkness, together with that name, he appeared with a weird costume, it’s obvious he was aiming for high stakes on the bets, he went to fight covered completely in black. If he wins like that, he can live his life comfortably”

“I see, the bets will get higher and higher as his renown grows”

“Right? He made such a silly alias, so he will definitely appear again in the arena”

While wondering who such a person could be and laughing they continue to talk, and when they finished their meals they left the inn.

(………….. You’re kidding, right?)

I who heard the men’s conversation wanted to cry.

If their talk is true, then I will have to go again, no, I will have to keep fighting in that arena. Otherwise, I will be laughed as that “Jet-black darkness who appeared in an embarrassing costume” like some kid with eighth-grade syndrome.

(But I don’t want to ever again dress like that…!)

What a dilemma. If I want to avoid being pointed at like I’m some kid I will have to use that costume and continue participating in that costume, and I don’t wear that costume, I will be identified as that kid who appeared with the alias “Jet-black darkness”!

Aah, why did this…

“What’s wrong? You have a face like you’re going to cry any second now”

While I was worried, Elise who is carrying a tray with both hands looks at me with a wondering face.

“Aah, no, nothing”

While receiving the food from Elise, I ask her.

“Elise, did you know?”


“Ehm, that, that Jet-black darkness”

“Aah, of course. Everyone in town knows”

“I-I see…”

She affirmed quickly, though I was hoping for her to not know anything about that.

Seriously? Everyone in town?

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