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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 5 part 3


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TN: This part is shorter than normal because it was in the perfect place to stop it, even though, the next part is going to be five pages, enjoy 🙂

“My father likes to gamble, so yesterday he lost a lot of money and got back home saying (I will bet for Jet-black this time a win a lot of money!), it’s stupid isn’t it?”


“… By the way”

Elise stopped laughing and asks me in a whisper.

“Tomorrow. Is a holiday…… Do you remember?”

“Eh? ……… Of course! It’s obvious I remember”

Actually, I did forget. That’s because of what happened yesterday, it was too big of an impact for me.

“… You did forget”

“No no, I remember, obviously. It was all I had on my head all this time”

(… It’s an important event after all)

“Really? I’ll tell you right now, it’s unusual for me to go out with a boy; do you understand?”

Elise hits her palm on the table and looks into my face. Obviously, because of that, her breasts are emphasized, and her deep valley can be seen.

“O-Of course…”

“Then it’s good! Please wake up early tomorrow because I will be leaving in the morning”

Did she notice that I was looking at her breasts? Elise had a satisfied smile as she said that and left… She didn’t leave.

She turns around.

“Oh, right, about that Jet-black from a moment ago”

My heart beat rate accelerates at the surprise attack.


“Why don’t you go to the arena and check if that person will go today as well?”

“… Hee, thank you”

When I said that, Elise replies (You’re welcome) and laughs as she leaves.


I thought about taking a day off today.

(I have to change schedule…)

I have to go and check out.

That impostor of mine.

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