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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 5 part 4


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The arena is full of people just like yesterday.

Because it would be suspicious if I watch without betting any money, I bet one gold coin for a suitable fighter.

Although I feel this is wasteful, according to Elise’s original price of 60 gold coins, there should be enough margin.

I won’t aim for the biggest profit, however, betting for the most popular one would be boring so I went and bet for the third most popular one.

Whether I win or lose, the fight is about to begin and the false jet-black appears.

In today’s case, despite doing an arbitrary bet, the expected win would be 15 gold coins. If not done with a sane mind, I would lose myself in gambling.

Fighters enter one after another. And at the moment that Jet-black darkness appears, the spectators roared in excitement.

The volume of the voices is terrible, the entire hall is trembling due to it.

I observe the fake jet-black darkness while covering my ears.

…… Indeed, a good imitation. Although my entire equipment was bought in a close-by store, it’s quite difficult to buy the exact same items in this world where mass-production has yet to be developed. However, the fake jet-black darkness is wearing the same equipment that I was wearing yesterday.

As expected, he introduced himself as jet-black darkness.

However, my attention shifts to the other ones.

There is a beautiful blonde from the Kyubashu race; she is exceptionally beautiful even between the women of her race. She is the fighter No. 2 Reriana.

Kyubashu is an original race from this game, it’s a race that, simply explained is the combination of the elves and succubus.

The Kyubashus are all beautiful like elves, but, unlike elves, they have an exquisite body, and it’s said that the woman’s vaginas are the best. Also, it’s known that their race doesn’t give birth to males so they leave their home to look for them.

Their most popular feature is that their race has a tremendous libido for the first man that lets out semen into their womb, so that man normally ends up becoming their husband… Mainly the elders, who take semen to keep their youth. Because of their nature, some of them end up squeezing men to death, and that caused mixed emotions of lust and fear from men. On the other hand, because of their nature, the Kyubashi are popular as slaves, a virgin one would be sold at an abnormally high price.

Well, it’s a very erotic race.

And Reriana, if I’m not wrong, she is one of the heroines.

In the village where she grew up, a strange disease appeared that rejuvenates people, so they started looking for the “Time flowing moonlight crystal” which is a material for the medicine, so they sent several combatants to the labyrinth city.

In the game, the main character finds the time flowing moonlight crystal and negotiates with Reriana, then she, in return, presents her body to him with the condition that he doesn’t cum inside her, the main character being a count bumpkin accepts without knowing the meaning of the condition and ends up Cuming inside her. So Reriana asked for the main character to take responsibility and she becomes a part of the party that becomes mad if she doesn’t receive the protagonist’s semen.

… That should be the setting.

By the way, she too suffers from that disease, so she is rejuvenating as time passes. Therefore, her body age differs according to the time when the protagonist hands over the moonlight crystal, so she ends up being a heroine that can be enjoyed as a loli, young woman or woman.

That heroine is participating in the arena right now.


I thought for a while, and decide to bet 15 gold coins on Reriana.

The fighters are No. 1 has won 3 times, Lv 20 with a bet margin of 3.6. No. 2 Reriana has won 1 time, Lv 18 with a bet margin of 7.20. No. 3 is debuting, Lv 19, with a bet margin of 8.20. No. 4 is debuting Lv 20, with a bet margin of 5.80. No. 5 is Jet-black darkness who despite being the most popular one has a profit margin of 2.00 Lv 3.

Of course, because of the bets, it doesn’t represent their ability, but it’s certain that Reriana doesn’t attract that much attention.

After I purchased the bet ticket I wait for the fight to start.

[Now the main event of today will begin! After all, everyone’s star Jet-black darkness is participating today as No. 5! The person that appeared yesterday, and despite being Lv 3, won the fight as if a miracle happened! Will he create a miracle today too? Let the fight start!]

The host declared the start despite not having made the introductions for the other fighters. The assistant noticed that and called the host in a panic.

[Wait a moment, you haven’t made the introductions for the others, nyan]

When I turn to look at the source of that voice, I saw the receptionist from yesterday.

[Oops! What have I done! It seems that I was so excited that I forgot]

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