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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 5 part 5


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[Seriously, please get yourself together]

Laughter breaks out in the arena after the exchange between the host and the receptionist.

However, the fighters in the middle of the arena are not laughing.

[Then, I’ll begin with their presentation]

I didn’t pay any attention to the host’s presentation of the other fighters.

In the meantime, I’m watching the fake me.

He’s acting suspiciously; he is constantly watching the other fighters as if afraid of them.

(This… Maybe it’s “Normal” for a fake? Or is he a little too wary?)

Well, it’s too early to decide. At the very least I’ll keep watching until the fake loses.

While I was thinking, the host finished talking.

By the way, the bet profit for Reriana is 5.50 which is lower than the predicted. And for the fake, it’s 2.00 as expected.

And the arena’s bell rings, at the same time the spectators inhale deeply.

In the beginning, a fighter dances in the air.

That sight is right like yesterday.

He flies a few meters while drawing a curse just like Billy and falls on the ground.

And… The mask falls down from his face while he lies on his back.

The spectators compare the fighter jet-black darkness who is down with Reriana who took him down, not understanding.

And soon after they understood the reality, the arena was wrapped in cries of sorrow, throwing the gambling tickets.

It was beautiful for a moment, it was like confetti.

Some of them maybe bet a lot of money, there is someone fainted with bubbles coming out of his mouth.

At first, after I saw the person that fainted I laughed a bit, but after watching a bit. Huh? Isn’t that Elise’s father?

(Well, it was a fake after all)

I felt my fear disappear and I began to feel lighter.

When I heard from Elise that Jet-black darkness would participate today too, I thought that maybe someone discovered me, the possibility that someone was using the same tricks as I did.

Someone like me, who had knowledge that this world is a game, and he discovered me yesterday in the arena, so he decided to appear using my alias as a way to appeal to me.

If that was the case, then the fake should have been able to show a fighting power unlike a Lv 3.

It was most unlikely. But I had to come and see with my own eyes.

After all, there still exists that fear.

Incidentally, as I watch the host and the receptionist. The host talks about the disappointment. Although it was a fake, it’s harsh how he is speaking ill of him, the receptionist is looking at him with disgusted eyes.

(… I see, did the arena plot this show?)

The receptionist smiles wryly due to not being able to keep her act.

But I think.

This time it was a fake, but, what if the real deal appears?

If someone like me exists, he will realize that someone like him exists.

And, if I were that person, what would I do?

(I would find that person by all means and kill him)

Since the source of our power is knowledge, there would be likely no advantage between him and me.

Therefore, the one stronger at that moment when we meet will win. It’s such a race.

I thought that the way I was doing it was the most efficient, but is it really?

While watching Reriana beating down the other fighters with her marvellous physical strength, I thought such a thing.

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