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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 6 part 1


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Women take too long when shopping.

When I was in the village, people would need to travel for hours in a carriage to the nearest city to go shopping, and the next day the men would comply all day.

All the times it was a man that had a girlfriend, now I understand their suffering.

At first, shopping with Elise was fun.

The shop’s owners seemed familiar with her because of the weekly shopping, every time they say “Oh, Elise, the same as ever?” then they hand her a paper bag, it seems that they had it prepared beforehand.

As Elise receives it, she pays the price for it. The luggage was somewhat bulky, but as for the weight it wasn’t a problem, so I had no problem carrying it for her.

At this time I was happy when Elise said to me “Ooh, as expected, boys are strong”.

… The hell began after she bought all the groceries needed.

Elise’s pleasure was to enjoy the weekend window shopping, and if she had some money left to buy it.

Of course, her father approves of it, it was something like pocket money for her helping him every day, and something for her to learn to save money when buying.

Something like a kid who went out to buy some candies, I thought at first.

The money that Elise saved was just about one silver coin. Enough for a set of clothes.

Unlike my world, here the clothes are handmade. So, any cheap clothing is quite expensive, and most of the clothes are tailored. If it is from some famous brand, the price jumps up.

The clothes that Elise is looking at are those type, so she went inside the shop.

After all, with just one coin, it would be over soon. I who thought so was hit in the face with a woman’s commitment to shopping.

First, she began to observe every trivial detail of each piece of clothing from hundreds with a serious expression. And, she continues looking for something good from among all these clothes. And then from the hundreds of clothes, she narrows it down to 2 or 3 sets. After that, she tries those and asks me “Which one do you think is best?”

I who was waiting while she was choosing clothes, return a suitable reply, saying that everything suits her, and provoked her wrath. Then she bends down and pushes me back while complaining.

After she was done complaining to me, when I thought she was going to buy the clothes, she goes to an inconspicuous place in the store and hides it.

I who was surprised ask her if she wasn’t going to buy those clothes, she then answers in surprise “I will buy the clothes I like the most after checking the other stores”.

Yes, I was foolish for thinking that we would end shopping soon.

Because of the silver coin, she will carefully select one set of clothes that she really likes.

After that, she went to the other two stores and repeated the same process.

At that time I started feeling more exhausted than when I fought the 100 Zakons, I wanted to finish shopping soon, so I told her.

“I’ll give you money, so, why don’t you buy them all?”


Needless to say, this was the worst move. At first, she was reluctant, but when she bought all the best sets from the three stores, including the other best sets that she considered in each store.

I thought that the shopping would end then, so I bought the clothes pleasantly.

And the hell began.

As I offered the money, she decided to use it to buy accessories.

At this point, I had a bad feeling but decided to follow her quietly. And the same thing repeated.

Unlike before, there is more luggage due to the clothes, and it was putting pressure on me.

After all, my mental strength was coming to a limit, so I decided to push up the cash limit.

However, although I thought it would finish, at last, my expectation was betrayed again.

Because she got to do shopping to her heart’s content she was in a good mood, she says with a full smile “I’ll choose the coolest clothes for you in thanks for today!”.

I was inclined to decline her offer in fear of my wallet, but I couldn’t bear to turn down her good intentions.

Besides, I’m conscious that as a country bumpking, I have a dubious sense of taste from the matter about Jet-black darkness, so I decided to accept her offer.

This was the biggest mistake of today.

I was taken to a store more expensive than the ones we visited before, and I was turned into a dressing doll as she keeps making me try the clothes she finds.

I was starting to feel that it was a strange sense of taste even for me! There are various things I wanted to say, but my mental fatigue just increased from all the waiting.

After all that, when she finished choosing several sets of clothes, the sun had already set and it was totally dark and I felt truly thankful that this day would be over.

And when we returned to the inn without any trouble, I recalled my original purpose and I was shocked.

Because the thugs didn’t appear today.

To be precise, I had anticipated that it wouldn’t happen today. After all, the keywords for the event where Elise is attacked are “Early stage”, “Shopping” and “Thugs”.

Therefore, if it didn’t happen this time, it will happen in the next week or the next.

In other words, because it didn’t happen today, I’ll have to tolerate today’s hardship twice or thrice.

The moment I noticed that the devil started whispering to me.

Why not desert her already? It’s not like you have to be with her like this forever, right? How much money did you spend today? It would be better if she dropped to being a slave. It’s easier to use her that way, isn’t it?


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