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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 6 part 2


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I stare at her.

She is humming happily as the devil whispers to me.

I think she is a beautiful girl. Her shoulder-length hair is glossy, and it’s well groomed so it makes her femininity stand out. Her bright eyes and beautiful long eyelids, together with her face that shows that is a strong-minded person; yet, in the near future her impression will completely change.

Despite being small and slender, her body is unexpectedly rich, and her chest trembles each time she walks.

From the point of view of my sight, which is slightly taller than hers, I can see her deep cleavage from her clothes, and I was driven by the urge to bury my face in that chest.

Indeed, if I was a thug I would want to attack her after all.

Well, what now?

To put it clearly, I don’t love her.

Even if she is attacked by the thugs and is raped, I won’t get sick or lack sleep due to that.

However, it’s also true that it isn’t fun to let a strange gang indulge themselves in libido using her.

I want to be the first experience for this untouched virgin right in front of me, there is certainly such a desire in me.

However, on the other hand, there is a feeling that it’s okay for her to become a slave after losing it.

If I can take her virginity, I would get a sense of accomplishment as a man. However, even if she is sullied by a lot of men, if I can make her my slave, I would still get a sense of accomplishment.

Instead, I’m sorry if I have to encounter her when she is broken, but being able to embrace a slave whenever I want sounds more interesting as a man.

In other words, it’s a conflict between my sexual desire for her physical body, and my good will to save her. Though it is necessary for me to verify if there are compulsory events; that experiment can be done another time.

It’s not that I’m a saint or anything, so today’s events were really tiring for me.

(Rather, it’s not like I will take her virginity…)

She is attacked -> I help her -> I love you! Embrace me! Even a virgin like me can understand that such a development won’t happen.

In order to embrace her, I have to help her out as I did today and save her when that happens.

Frankly speaking that is bothersome.

If not, then I can just leave it as some experiment to check if the events are compulsory, without asking her anything in return.

What should I do?

“… What’s wrong? After all, are you tired?”

While I was quietly thinking, Elise looks at me with a worried face.

“No, I was just thinking about some things…”

At that, she smiled wryly.

“You don’t need to take me into consideration. You are tired, right? Sorry, I got too worked up even though it’s the first time I went to a date with a boy”

At her words, I was surprised.

“Date? Not shopping?”

“It’s a date. We finished buying the groceries right after we started”

“…… A date, huh”

It wasn’t shopping but a date. After thinking about it that way, my mental fatigue was reduced.

Apparently, though I wasn’t even aware of it, I was stressed because of the fact that this wasn’t a date but simple shopping for groceries.

If this was a date, then today wasn’t a bad day. I even thought that.

(I’m quite simple…)

I’m way too simple, but it can’t be helped. A man is such a creature.

(It can’t be helped, should I wait until the thug event occurs?)

And I decided so.

After all, though I don’t love her, it’s not like I hate her to the point where I would abandon her.

While smiling in my mind, she suddenly claps her hands.

“That’s right, I forgot to buy something!”


(…… It came!)

I hide my inner feelings and fake surprise.

“Sorry, I’ll go and buy it, so you can go back first”

After she says so, she points to the inn that is right ahead.

“It’s okay if you leave the things behind the inn’s counter”

“All right”

“Really? Then, thank you very much for today. I’ll properly repay your help for today”

After leaving that message she starts running away, and I went into the inn to leave the luggage.

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