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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 6 part 3


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-The inn’s girl has an astoundingly beautiful smile.

Said to Billy, the junior that he has to look after, right after he joined his group.

He is a man that tried going into the labyrinth without even knowing how to use a sword, saying that it’s a man’s romance, such is this man that is like my cousin.

“… What happened?”

At his words, Billy’s irritation goes through the ceiling due to his difficulty to talk.

Although it was treated by the recovery magic from the hospital, Billy’s jaw didn’t completely recover, so he now has some difficulty when trying to speak.

Which reminds him the other day at the arena. Billy wearing full black and using a clown’s name such a jet-black darkness.

That man attacked me by surprise, what a coward! Said Billy.

Now, when Billy walks through the streets, the people watch him and remember the disaster that happened that day.

However, Billy certainly felt the ridicule in the back of their eyes.

Those eyes saying that it was inevitable that a small fish Lv 3 would lose.

(Damn it! If we fought face to face, I would have won)

Billy, who didn’t watch the rest of the fight after falling unconscious is convinced. He believes that he lost because the other man was dirty and used tricks.

So, you see? You know how it’s good for restoring one’s spirit when embracing a woman, right…?”

Billy thinks while watching the young girl and grinning. Indeed, not bad. While holding a woman, I could forget the uncomfortable feeling from my jaw, moreover, there is an urge to throw all his resentment into a woman.

Fuck her as much as he wants, and if he gets tired of her, sell her to a slave dealer, earning good pocket money as well. This was one of Billy’s pleasures that has been repeated many times.

“… Let’s go and take a look at that woman?”

That’s the spirit”

Billy watches the juniors rejoice in joy, though their purpose is to enjoy the leftovers that are handed to them, so I didn’t say anything.

At first it will be only him, but on the run the others will join so that he can have a rest while not giving the woman any rest as they keep raping her.

Billy imagines himself fucking that beautiful inn girl and his crotch hardens.

Hyuu, this one is certainly a gem”

Billy whistles without thinking when he sees Elise.


Ignoring the junior that answers with pride, Billy sizes up Elise.

Billy didn’t expect such a poor inn’s girl to be such a gem. Even if it was a conservative estimate, she has such a look that she would become popular in a day. Or even more, she would look like a noblemen’s daughter if she dressed properly.

She seems to be arrogant because she is making a boy hold a lot of luggage while following behind her.

But Billy loves to make such type of women surrender and yield at his power.

The women give him a stare full of hate, and at the end he feels pleasure as they cry with an expression as if they ate manure.

And at the end, they are sold to slavery, Billy’s best pleasure was to tell them a small lie at that time.

That they were sold to slavery by their parents.

It’s Billy’s greatest pleasure to watch the women have that change of expression from one full of hope that their parents will find them and save them, to one full of despair.

What kind of expression will she have at that moment?

Imagining that moment, Billy waits for the night full of anticipation.

And, at night.

When Elise was returning home before the sunset, Billy forgot completely about his idea of attacking her next week and decided to attack now, because Elise separated from the man right in front of the inn, Billy moved with his companions.

However, they don’t suddenly abduct her right there.

First, several companions will shadow her plainly, putting pressure on her. Leading her to a unpopular street, and when they enter the slums, their “hunt” begins.

Skillfully obstructing the street, making the prey run into a corner, little by little.

Basically, they keep track of the prey while keeping a certain distance. And at that moment when the prey walks into a dead end, they attack.

Then, a gap is shown to a extent that it doesn’t look unnatural and let the woman escape once.

The prey will run in the slums naked as the process repeats.

A young woman running while exposing her white skin and the butt swinging from side to side will inevitably stimulate the men’s libido and so it becomes a really good spice.

Billy enjoyed this type of hunt and called it the “Nude demon”.

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