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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 6 part 4


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“Huu, huu, huu”

Hahaha, what’s wrong? Your legs are getting dull”

Elise runs while breathing roughly as she leaves the bad men’s voice behind, as she runs through the night city.

The heart has been screaming for her to stop since long ago, the thighs become tired and the calves are damaged from the constant running.

Still, Elise couldn’t stop, if she stops, her life will end at that moment.

Are you inviting me by swinging your ass?”


Elise’s face reddens at the man’s ridicule.

She already has no clothing, and her plump breasts and buttocks are both at full view.

Elise has already noticed that the men deliberately let her escape after taking off one piece of clothing.

Such brutes enjoy humiliating her by making her run naked on the night city.

–It hurts.

Elise’s field of vision distorts.

–This is mortifying.

Elise decided not to cry because she will feel like she completely lost at that point.

–This is sad.

However, contrary to her feelings, tears starting to fall.

She is already at the limit. Even if she doesn’t want to, her legs slow and she can’t take in any oxygen due to her exhaustion.

Suddenly, she remembers the boy who has been staying at the inn since a few days ago.

At first glance, the boy is just an ordinary boy who just came from the country’s border. Since childhood, Elise has seen a lot of boys like him.

A man who dreams to be like a hero from the stories, come to the labyrinth city and recklessly enter only to lose their lives.

Since childhood she had been thinking that she doesn’t want to have a boyfriend.

So, why did she go to a date with him?

The boy was somehow different from others in his way of speaking.

Unlike other men who look at the sky’s star, he looks at the star, and has a clear path of what steps to take to reach that star.

As they spoke, it felt like the boy knew everything from the beginning, Elise felt the need to ask if they had met before.

She just thought that he had a nice-looking face, and by the time she noticed, they had already organized a date in the name of buying groceries.

What a country bumpkin, when she emphasized her breasts, he would have the same reaction than that of a simple boy.

When they dated, the boy bought clothes for Elise, and she lost her wariness to the boy bit by bit.

Eventually, the total amount of money used by the boy was past the 10 silver coins, which is not an amount that someone that came from the border would have. It doesn’t look like he is a rich man either. As the time passed, the interest Elise felt for the boy increased more and more, is that why she ended up staying out more than she should have?

She actually knew that abductions have been occurring lately in the night.

The caught girls would be sold to slavery after being raped continuously.

So, her father has been remembering me that time and time again, that she should go home before evening and she has done until now.

But today she broke it, because she was having so much fun with the boy.

She was so happy that she forgot about the warnings.

This must be because of that boy, surely.

(Therefore, I’ll do anything, so help me… Kain-kun…)

And at last Elise landed on someone’s arms, and that man grabbed her from behind, Elise couldn’t resist because of her lack of strength and exhaustion, so she ended up giving up herself with a feeling of desperation.

(Aah, I’m already over…)

Tears started falling at such thoughts, and she started doubting her ears at the voice that she heard.

Be quiet… Please be quiet”

Looking at the source of the familiar voice, the boy shows a gentle and soft smile as he holds her.

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