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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 7 part 1


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(It was the best timing)

I embrace Elise gently as she looks at me with her moistened eyes, and smile at her.

Although she thinks that I had good intuition, I found her way back, when she started being led to the slum by the thugs.

Then I thought, at what point should I save her?

At the stage where she is being deprived of her clothing and then escaping? No, at that point she would express her gratitude only for a moment. And the thugs would be annoyed, but then would leave and plan the next raid.

Then, at what point in time would I get the maximum amount of gratitude from her, and still get the thugs show all at once.

The first thing that comes to mind is just before Elise’s purity was taken away by the thugs.

That is the moment when Elise is cornered the most, and all the thugs are out. If I interrupt at such a time, all the thugs will attack the one who intruded. Then, I beat all the thugs.

In a story development, it’s really cool.

I planned to go for that strategy at first. But then I changed my mind.

Suddenly, doubt took over my head. Wondering whether that timing would be too good to be true.

It’s certainly a dramatic development. Elise’s opinion of me would skyrocket, and she may even fall in love with me due to the suspension bridge effect.

However, in the future she may start to doubt, she may start to remember the events, and wonder.

Wasn’t the timing too good? It was like I was waiting for that moment to appear.

It’s unpleasant. If she had such a doubt, there is a possibility that her opinion of me would be reversed at once.

So I decided to abandon that plan.

Elise has been cornered to a great extent, she hasn’t been completely caught by the thugs, and the timing of my appearance isn’t like I was waiting to appear.

In other words, right now.

Kane… kun”

And the strategy was a great success. Elise’s moist eyes look up at me.

She is in a state where she was running naked while her breasts shake…

Elise’s appearance while she tries to escape naked, is enough to set ablaze my libido.

Their play of stealing clothes little by little and having the woman run naked is a little too strong for a virgin like me.

To be honest, it’s to the extent that I want to chase after Elise together with the thugs.

The shaking breasts, swinging while she runs make me imagine their softness, and my cheeks get hot due to shame and excitement.

Due to my high status, my senses are a dozen time stronger, and I could clearly see her white skin even in the dark night, as a result, my schedule to protect her a bit later was hastened, and right now I’m at my very limit.

But, according to her appearance it seems to have been succesfull.

!? She isn’t here? Where did she go?”

The voices of confusion of the thugs start to come out. And Elise’s shoulders tremble and she hugs me strongly. And her soft mounds press against my body. This is great.

Calm down, she is just hiding herself. She can’t go far away, lets separate and look for her”

The thug’s leader, was it Billy? Issues instructions calmly.

The moment he appeared, my anxiety about their fighting power disappeared.

I felt familiar when I saw that broken nose. He Is the one I saw at the arena, Billy.

The fact that he is the leader, means that the stronger in their group would be Billy. Then, there is no danger to my life in this event, and now this is about enjoying Elise’s responses.

(Well, though it would be good to appear in front of them and defeat them…)

I lower my gaze and see Elise in my arms.

I want to watch the sight of Elise running naked from the front too.

Pull Elise’s hand and run from the thugs. I got excited just from imagining it.

Besides, I want to collect all the thugs in one place if possible.

When I look outside from the corner, the neighborhood is empty, I don’t see any thug. But they are in the vicinity, no doubt, I still hear their voices.

I whisper to Elise after pulling her hand a bit.

While we have time”

However, contrary to my expectations, Elise draws her hand back.

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