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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 7 part 3


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The men were silent after hearing her proposal, as if in disappointment, then after a long while, they burst laughing.

After a moment of laugh, Billy says on behalf of the thugs.

Hmm, well, what should I do. We are quite tired now… So I would like to see Elise-san’s sincerity here”


Elise repeats with trembling voice, and Billy grins.

Well, first of all, widen your legs towards us and open your pussy, then say (I will do anything, so please train this pussy into a meat toilet)”

Billy said so, and the men burst out laughing.

Towards a young girl, that is a demand too cruel towards a virgin who never had any relationship with a man.

And, with that, it was enough to imagine the fate she would follow after she falls into their hands.

What’s wrong? Do it”

Billy says while grinning.

To that, Elise timidly starts opening her legs shoulder-wide while trembling, and I put my hand on her shoulder.

There is no need for you to do what they say”


I return her a smile when she looks at me in blank surprise.

Aaan? This doesn’t involve you, leave right now, you piece of shit”

Billy threatens me – And towards his threats, I turn towards him and speak.

“… I’m trying to think of good words to tell her to make her feel a bit better, so stay quiet for a moment”

“………………………………………. Ah?”

After my words, Billy speaks in astonishment, then after a moment of understanding the meaning of my words, his face turned to that of anger.

“… You, do you understand the situation you are in? I have more than 100 men here”

Not people… Bodies”


It’s the same when a man counts the number of goblins, they don’t say people but bodies. Did I enlighten you? Hob goblin”

Billy no longer had words. His face turns red in anger.

And I gently push back Elise, and take my soul eater from my waist.

“… This ****** kiddddd—-!!!! I’ll **** kill you!”

At the moment he raises his voice and attacks. Due to his anger, he spoke words difficult to understand.

Is that the words from your town? Hob goblin”

To such a response I answer calmly.

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