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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 7 part 5


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P-Please. I-I don’t care what you do to me, but him, p-please let him go”

It’s humiliating to ask those thugs.

But Elise pushes back her pride and begs to them.

When Kain appeared and helped her, she thoughts of doing anything for him, and that isn’t a lie. Although it’s likely that they wouldn’t survive this, he still came to help her. So, in turn she will help him back.

The thugs were silent for a while after listening to her request, but then they started laughing.

The laughter was frustrating, but even though it was frustrating, Elise held back her tears.

After a while of them laughing, a man with a broken nose that looks like their leader begins talking.

Hmm, what should I do. I am quite tired from today’s trouble… I want to see Elise’s sincerity here”


Sincerity. Normally, that word wouldn’t give off a bad feeling, but when it comes from that man’s mouth, a unpleasant feeling ran through her.

The man says while staring at her body that is still completely nude.

Well, first of all, open wide your legs toward us, then hold open your pussy and say (I’ll do anything, so please train my pussy to become a meat toilet)”

And some unbelievable words came out from his mouth.

For a moment her brain refused to understand the meaning, but after a moment the meaning was understood, and her body began trembling without permission.

What a vulgar expression. And the worst is that this is only the beginning.

It means that if she falls into their hands, she will be subject to treatment way worse than this.

What’s wrong? Do it”

At those words, Elise’s shoulders tremble.

There is no way she would do that, she thought, but at that moment Kain’s face passed over her mind.

There is no choice but to do it. If she doesn’t, then something important to her will be lost.

She can still protect that. As she thought that, her legs began to spread open slowly.

In humiliation and shame, her sight began to distort. Her heart began to hurt so much that it wouldn’t be a surprise if she fainted.

But she endured. And when she had her legs open up to shoulder’s width, A hand landed on her shoulder.

There is no need to do what they say”

“…………. Huh?”

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