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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 7 part 6


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When Elise turned back to look at him, he returned her a gentle smile.

And the slaughter began.

However, Elise didn’t see how was going the battle.

He moved at a speed that couldn’t be followed by Elise’s eyes, and from time to time a neck would fly in the dark night after a light flashed.

Occasionally, there was a sound of something being cut close to her, when she looks at the source of the sound, she found arrows cut in halves, Kain intercepted the arrows that were aimed at her.

Why can he see so clearly in the dark night? How can he know that the arrows are directed at her? And how can he save her from the arrows that are coming from unknown origins?

Elise understood nothing of that.

The only thing she understands is that Kain is unbelievable strong.

It took less than 10 minutes for him to kill more than 100 thugs.

Moreover, all of them are dead by decapitation without exception.

Of course, that is including the man with a broken nose.

Kain is there standing in midst of the countless corpses, even though he killed all of those men, he has not even one drop of blood on him.

The boy stands on a mountain of dead bodies while being illuminated by the night light. It was a fantastic sight, and the boy didn’t look like a human being anymore in Elise’s eyes.

Who is this boy? Until recently she thought that he was just a beginner adventurer that came from the country’s border.

However, this isn’t something that a new adventurer can make.

Elise now understood. This boy is different.

And one doubt arose in Elise.

Why didn’t he break out of the enclosure if he had such power?

If he had this much power, it should have been easy to defeat several men.

When the boy turns back to look at Elise, he notices her gaze full of doubt.

When he saw Elise, he instantly looked up to the moon and said.

“……… It was the first time I kill a person”

Elise felt relief at the boy’s words.

The doubt that was starting to grow inside her melted and disappeared.

She understood now. It wasn’t something easy to do. Even if it was something easy for him to do. He ran away from the men that he could easily kill.

And he killed them at the end, to save her.

To save her, the boy was decided to carry the guilt of killing, all to save her from the hell that was awaiting her.

The reason why he killed them all is to not let them take revenge on her. Everything was for her.

Elise’s heart throbs strongly.

While forgetting that she is naked, she approaches the boy like an insect attracted to light.

And in silence, she hugs the boy who endured the guilt of killing another human being.

For the boy that decided to shoulder this sin for her sake.

Therefore, she will share that sin with him. To redeem this kind boy for the sin he has committed.

She will devote her body and mind to serve this boy for the rest of her life.

And so she will make this her happiness.

Elise decided so under the radiance emitted by the boy’s hair.

— On this day, a girl became a Yandere by the hands of a young boy.

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