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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 8 part 1


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After the thug event Elise was brought safely to the inn, and the inn was in commotion, just like a beehive when it’s poked.

As usual, the beloved daughter should have been back by now, but today it was different. Only her luggage was inside the inn, and there are no signs of her coming back even after it became this dark outside.

In addition, there has been a lot of talks about young girls being kidnapped in the town.

In such a situation, it’s impossible that the innkeeper doesn’t worry, he closed the inn and was waiting by the entrance.

What appeared there was his daughter nearly naked wearing man’s clothes besides a young man naked in his upper body, who supposedly lent her the clothes.

Moreover, his beloved daughter is exhausted, and she has her eyes red from crying, so it’s impossible for him to not suspect something happened.

Therefore, he won’t let himself be controlled by his anger, and will let Elise explain what happened.

Of course, Elise explains the situation about the boy saving her from danger, and the inn’s owner realized his misunderstanding and immediately apologized, expressing his gratitude.

Elise explained in a way that she was late, while hiding the date.

In her story, in a good-natured customer that went out looking for her after worrying about her being late and found her being shadowed by suspicious looking men.

It happened quite differently, but the inn’s owner doesn’t know, and as an apology the owner decided to leave me a room free for one year.

I wasn’t expecting a reward from the owner, but I still received his reward thankfully.

Well, everything went up quite well so far, but there is one problem.

Yes, although two days have passed since then, I have not been able to have sex with Elise.

If Elise wasn’t in love with me, and she just saw me as the benefactor, then I would give up, but it was obvious from an objective perspective that she fell for me.

It’s obvious from the eyes that she has when she looks at me. Somewhat moistened eyes, and she becomes somewhat absent-minded when looking at me. Even while serving, when I appear at the inn’s hall, it seems that her love towards me was immediately known in the entire inn.

Even though it has been only two days, since then there have been nearly twenty fights almost breaking, which makes me conscious of her popularity.

Such a deeply in love girl, she probably wouldn’t refuse even if I pushed her down.

So, the reason why I haven’t had sex with her yet, is me.

No, I’m not ashamed because my penis is small. The problem is way more basic than that.

I don’t know ow to invite her.

What? What are you saying now? You would think, but don’t forget. I’m still a virgin. And, I still think as a virgin.

When inviting her to sex, there is a moment of tension when thinking about confessing her that I’m a virgin.

If, I invite her badly enough, there is a chance that the catastrophe known as the one hundred years of love cooling down instantly.

Still, if we are lovers, it’s likely that we would join together in that ambiguous sense of vagueness.

However, Elise and I are not lovers.

Certainly, I loved her smile from that day. It was a smile that was somewhat miserable, but in my eyes, that smile looked nothing but beautiful.

Honestly. My heart throbbed at that.

However, that and being lovers are two different things.

If we became lovers, various bonds are created. The most important one is that affairs are prohibited.

That is quite troublesome.

Before I got the “Knowledge”, I would have gladly accepted her.

But now I know. I’m the chosen one in an eroge, someone with high specs that can have sex with many beautiful women.

Nevertheless, to dedicate everything of myself to one woman is unacceptable. I want to have sex with as many women as I can. It’s a man’s instinct and dream.

There is a possibility that this dream can be achieved, so I would be a fool if I throw it away.

So, in other words, the relationship that Elise is hoping for is undesirable. Although, that is something I can’t say to her.

So, I have been thinking hard on how to tell her not to become lovers without getting her to hate me for it.


(“Hey, would you mind having sex with me next time?” …… That’s no good. It would be a wrong way to invite her to a date.

Let’s exchange our virginities” … That’s impossible.

Let’s do it” … Out of the question.

I want… To have sex” This is not good.

Don’t you think it’s time for mating? … We are not animals.

Lend me… Your hole…” Huh? This is… quite bad)

While I was lost in thoughts that were starting to lean towards a rather dangerous direction, a voice called out for me.

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