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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 8 part 2


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What have you been thinking about since a while ago?”

Huh? Well, of course, it’s been about Elise……”

I said unconsciously, and then look up at the face of the person that is staring at me, it’s Elise.

About…… What?”

T-This, e-e-em…”

(A-Anything is ok, my brain, start working on something unstrained to say!)


Dating… No it’s nothing, forget about it”


That was dangerous, good thing I was able to finish the conversation before I said anything else.

That was bad, it isn’t just dating, once it starts, there is no end to it. When it starts, it’s a straight line towards pure love.

When I look towards Elise, I see her blushing.

W-Was I caught? Maybe she heard me… No, whenever we talked in these two past days, that has been her face.



An awkward silence falls between us two.

While staring at her in silence I notice that the clothes she is wearing are the ones we bought. Looking closely, I see she is also wearing the accessories we bought.

So, I was able to use that as a topic to move the conversation.

Those clothes, are those the ones we bought the other day? It’s good, it suits you. That accessory too”

Really? That’s good”

She smiles and shows a relieved face as she puts her hand on her own chest.

Yes, it looks really good on you. Especially on your chest, it looks sexy”

That’s lewd”

Elise laughs as she hides her chest.

Well, actually I want to be lewd”



……..? Nooooo, I made a mistake!

I’m sorry, I made a mistake. Actually, I’m lewd, it was a mistake!”

Eh? Ah…… I was surprised. But, that is not that different”

You’re right”

I smile and laugh while feeling relieved that we could pass it off as a joke.

So, is there something on your mind?”

Oh, yes, in fact, it’s about the next shopping”


Well, my father, because of what happened before, he told me I can’t go alone shopping, but it’s impossible for my father to go buy the groceries. So, he told me it would have been okay if Kane accompanied me, I’m sorry, I’m sure you don’t understand what I said”

It’s ok, no problem. I understood. In other words, you want me to guard you”

“… Yes, that’s it”

“…… Ok”

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