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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 8 part 4


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After that, three days have passed, and today is the day before the weekend.

In that time, I have been in unending unrest, until I finally decided to go to the labyrinth today, the one I’m entering today is the [Goblin kingdom].

By the way, my status is like this:

[Main Status]

  • Alkain = Healthy
  • Lv = 9
  • HP = 812/192 (+620)
  • MP = 513/93 (+420)
  • Strength = 2.62 (+36.00)
  • Agility = 4.16 (+41.00)
  • Endurance = 2.81 (+21.00)
  • Magic Power = 1.80 (+16.00)
  • Will = 2.21 (+21.00)
  • Perception = 3.62 (+36.00)
  • Bonus Stats = 8.00

I have collected quite a bit of bonus stats and shook off the idea of using them.

Also, from the experience acquired from last time my status increased slightly. Well, it’s like a margin error compared to the stats given from the titles.

By the way, this is the new title I obtained.

[100 Kills]: HP+ 100, Strength +5.00, Agility +5.00, Perception +5.00. Active skill <<Vampire Slash>>

It’s a title that I got from killing 100 people in a day, the people needed can be humans or elves. The active skill <<Vampire Slash>> is a skill that heals me for 10% of the damage done to the enemy. Since it doesn’t use MP, it’s more like a passive skill rather than an active one.

In addition, by having killed 100 people, I acquired a passive skill called <<Harvesting>>. It looks like there are skills that have an acquisition condition just like titles.

Most of the skills come together with titles, but there are skills that come alone, those are way above the former because of their difficulty.

This <<Harvesting>> is a skill that doubles critical rate, it’s acquired by killing 100 enemies in a day with critical hits.

In the game it was purely dependent on luck to acquire the title because of the condition of killing with critical hits, but in this case, it was easy, because all I had to do was cut their necks.

This knowledge came not from the capture site, but from my mind as a resident from this world.

At any rate, thanks to this skill even if the vital point of some enemy isn’t clear, I can somehow perceive them.

The critical hits ignore defense, so they are good to beat hard enemies.

In a similar way, there are skills that can be acquired by killing 1000 enemies in the same way, that skill makes it easier to make critical hits.

Well, returning to the actual situation, the reason why I came to the [Goblin Kingdom] is to clear the last class conditions.

The conditions are as follows.

First, it’s required the title [100 kills].

Second, All stats over 15.00.

Three, the two highest stats must exceed 30.00 points each.

And last. To kill more than 1000 humanoid monsters.

If you kill one person you become a murderer, but if you kill one hundred you become a hero.

This class’ name is hero.

It’s necessary to execute mass murder to become a hero, it’s ironic.

Normally, for a swordsman, strength and agility increase 1.00 points each at lv up, mages get magic power and will 1.00 points each, and the other classes are like that too. But this class gives 1.00 point to each stat and a bonus of 3.00 points per Lv up. On the other hand it needs triple the amount of experience the others need, but that is a trivial matter.

It’s clearly a broken class, but, there are reasons for this.

This class is something that swordsmen and mages change to when they are considerably high lv.

Therefore, the experience needed to Lv up would be enormous at that point, and the benefits that come from the Lv up wouldn’t be present.

However, there is a system that overturns such prerequisites. Yes, the titles.

For players who are on the other side of the monitor and can check the information on the net, the acquisition conditions for the titles are too loose.

Perhaps more than half of the players will choose to become a hero or another strong class at Lv 10.

But for me who lives in this world, this reality, this condition was too severe.

Why? 100 people. Murdering 100 people in a day. If it isn’t a battlefield it would be impossible at first, and I would end up on the wanted list. My life would end at that point. Therefore I gave up on the class, I was prepared to take another class.

However, the day the thugs appeared, my problem was solved.

The slum is a place that even the vigilante corps would hesitate to enter. And it’s a great place without witnesses, moreover the thugs were people that kidnaped, raped and sold many women before, so there was no hesitation when killing them.

It was so perfect that I even thought that the world set the stage for me to become a hero.

Just kidding.

So, I came to this labyrinth to satisfy the final condition, 1000 humanoid monsters.

I said that this labyrinth is called [Goblin Kingdom], so this is full with humanoid monsters.

As a kingdom, it is flocking with ten times the monsters in other labyrinths. In addition, the low level of this labyrinth means that the monsters are in groups and their individual Lv is low. In other words, the experience value they give is low.

And the keyword “Goblin”, explains what appears here. After the Zakons, the goblins are next in Lv.

And the other keyword “Kingdom”, this indicates that this labyrinth is of an incredibly large scale, and also means that the monsters have an organized army.

According to these keywords, this labyrinth is of the type “Combat quality with quantity”, where hundreds of goblins appear.

Indeed, this labyrinth is convenient for me. Killing 1000 goblins is going to be hard though. But there is no need to worry about my strength fading through fatigue thanks to <<Vampire Slash>>, and since I now have the boosts from the last title, I should be able to do it.

Even if it’s impossible, I only need 1000 kills in total, so I can come back later.

While thinking that, I finished checking my equipment and enter the labyrinth.

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