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Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 8 part 5


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Hee, hee, hee”

I’m breathing roughly in a dim labyrinth filled with goblins and blood all around.

(T-This is bad…… There are too many…)

I’m in the center of a hall inside the [Goblin Kingdom].

Rather than a hall, it’s better to call it a battlefield, because as far as I can see there are only goblins in this place.

And somehow the number of goblins doesn’t decrease.

As time went by, my face contorted more and more.

One hour passed, two hours, but still the number of goblins isn’t decreasing at all.

There are goblins in all directions, front and back, left and right, all the directions, and they are charging at me calmly even though I’m killing many of their comrades in front of them.

It’s like they are charging at me while forgetting fear, running to suicide, while I step on their comrade’s body and kill them.

This was a mistake.

Before I noticed I was already in middle of their large army, and after that I couldn’t advance through their wall of meat.

It didn’t take much time for me to notice that this was a strategy made by the goblins.

Because after I was surrounded by their large army, at that moment a rain of arrows started coming down on me.

It’s no exaggeration to call it an arrow rain, as it doesn’t even consider its allies, it’s even impossible to dodge it because it’s like an arrow wall coming to me.

Those arrows won’t do more than 1 damage even if they hit. However, even that 1 damage will pile up, even worse because it’s a rain.

Therefore I can do nothing but cut down the arrows coming at me.

Together with the arrows, there are goblins coming at me with arrows piercing their whole body. It’s a sight from a nightmare.

It might be difficult to even explain with words this fear. However, I didn’t even think there would be monsters who wouldn’t even know fear.

So I have no choice but admit it. I made a mistake.

Somewhere in my mind I was clearly arrogant. Full of self-conceit.

What did I imagine before entering this labyrinth?

Was I imagining myself killing 1000 goblins only standing up like a scarecrow? That is such a childish delusion.

It’s hard to save someone so stupid.

Therefore, I can only say I’m losing right now. No, I already lost at this point.

I’m using most of my energy to cut the arrows, and some of it to kill the goblins that come at me.

The initiative was lost long ago, and my stamina will run out soon.

When that happens, the goblins will rush at me.

It’s a defeat. A complete defeat. I admit it. They are strong. The strongest. Goblins. I can’t win against the monsters called goblin even though in a one versus one I can easily kill them.

Well, thinking calmly on it, usually you can’t fight a race one by one.

To think I didn’t even understand such a thing.

So stupid.

It’s a shame that there is no stat to increase the intelligence. If there was I wouldn’t be losing right now.

I smile wryly, to think I would lose to goblins with the stats I have.

If there were players observing me right now they would think that I’m some stupid kid that found himself a toy.


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