Commushou no Ore ga, Koushou Skill ni Zenfurishite Tenseishita Kekka Chapter 21 part 1


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Chapter 21 Bandit Subjugation / Princess’ Ordeals

After receiving the bandit subjugation quest we headed towards Monica’s house and decided to hold a strategy meeting in her room.

Monica has been putting her house in order using the money she receives from the quests, and the number of unknown bows is increasing. And there are some stuffed animals around too. There is a doll modeled after me. If I see that doll in the night I wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore, so I asked mother to teach me a bit of sewing and I made one and gave it to her as a present. It was also to test how much it would improve the handicraft skill, so I felt a bit bad when I saw her become so happy.

“As we know, the quest is 5 stars, so we can’t underestimate the bandit’s power. If they are able to take on groups of adventurers, then that is enough proof”

When Monica sat on the bed she put the stuffed doll on her knees. It’s a bit embarrassing because I’m present.

“Although in our case, I think there won’t be a problem, but… What do you think Hiroto?”

“I will act as a bait while master and the others go into the bandit’s den and wipe them out”

“Wendy, as I always say, don’t act recklessly. You are a girl”

“Y-… Y-Yes… When master treats me as a girl, it’s like that time when Fillaness-sama hit me with that lightning sword, it’s like a spark goes through me…”

Wendy, when she puts on that helmet that she always carries with her and grips her sword, she becomes a brave female warrior, so it’s hard to imagine her being shy. Six years have already passed since we met, and although she is 19 years old, she is still the same weird girl from back then.

At first she was going to join the knights after acquiring some experience as an adventurer, but she liked being in our party and decided to stay together with us. Apart from the times when she goes to her home, we are always together.

“Already 8 years old, you have grown up so much… Now that I recall, Hiroto has been the party leader since he was two years old. I feel that you have become quite manly recently”

“Again trying to change the topic… We have done many five star quests already, but the reward this time is equivalent to a special request of six stars, do you understand? If you get distracted you may not get off with just some slight injuries”

“Monica-san, why can’t it be in our houses? Why does it have to be always Monica-san’s house? What will master do after this meeting ends? I would like to ascertain for myself. Also, we should deepen our friendship more”

“M-Me, nothing… After work ends I just go receive my rewards, today I’m not doing anything special……?”

I felt the regret in her words. Recently, after we complete the quests I just go straight back home to take care of Sonia, and I’m often together with Riona to prevent her misfortune from triggering.

However, about Riona, the situation improved after I acquired a new skill. When I got my luck skill up to level 110 I got the passive skill [Favor] which allows me to share my luck with one of my party members. And my designated target is Riona, and even if I’m very far away from her, it’s possible to counter her misfortune level 108 with my luck level 110. Thanks to this I can overcome the bottleneck of my skill’s growth.

I know how to raise luck, but I don’t know how to reduce misery. And the problems to solve just increased instead. Maybe that’s why Neris-san told me to explore this bast world.

“…… You really don’t intend to do anything, you just don’t say anything. That’s Hiroto’s bad habit”

“Ah… I-I’m sorry, that isn’t it. It isn’t that I dislike Monica-neechan, really”

“So that means that your time in private with Monica-san takes priority over us…?”

“Please stop with the -san, I already told you to stop addressing me like that”

“I’m a little happy when I’m addressed with -san though…… It makes me feel like a proper lady”

Because we have been in this party for six years, we all know each other very well and are close friends. Which tends to be the cause of our meetings derailing into a friendly chat, but because I like this type of peaceful situations, I just enjoy myself as I listen to them talk.

However, Nameless still uses quite a unique vocabulary. I somehow feel as if I was with an otaku role-player.

(… Or rather, her way of talking is just like Maru-san’s. Although he should be a man)

Since I knew that Hina had reincarnated into Riona, I was a bit concerned about Nameless-san’s identity. And I have been looking for a chance to look at her status… Although she is a party member I can’t open up her status. Does her mask have a special power after all…?

However, because I know of someone else whose status I can’t check, I think this isn’t that unusual.

“Hmm…… Hiroto-kun, do you also have some interest in my humble self?”

Because I was looking at her, she put her hand on her chest over her robe and smiled at me.

Unlike Neris-san, she often wears a cloth-like armor, but today she is wearing casual clothes because today wasn’t a day to go and fight.

“I’m a bit worried about Nameless-san, did your chest grow a bit from before? I’m also bigger than before, but I think that if I didn’t meet master, mine wouldn’t be like this right now?”

“Wendy is so naive. Even your two friends… But Wendy is a bit different. Rather than happy, you are embarrassed…”

Even though Wendy wasn’t charmed, when I saved her from that kobold when I was two years old, her favorability of me rose too much and ended up with her feeling attracted to me. When I heard about her past, it seems that she hadn’t met any kind man. Although she has a cute face, it’s unbelievable that the men don’t care at all… But maybe it was because of her serious character, and she didn’t notice the other men trying to approach her. It was all thanks to my high charisma stat that she recognized me, a two years old at the time as someone of the opposite sex.

After the event with Nameless-san, they were invited many times to join other’s parties with adult men, but she refused all of them. As they advanced up to rank B, the men trying to invite them increased even more, but they didn’t accept any of those, and were nicknamed “The steel women”. Wendy was embarrassed being called a woman at her age; but I’m happy that because of that nickname Nameless-san and Monica-san are getting less invitations.

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