Commushou no Ore ga, Koushou Skill ni Zenfurishite Tenseishita Kekka Chapter 21 part 2


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In the guild’s first floor there is a bar, and that is where the female adventurers gather, there Wendy was waiting for us to come. According to what I have heard, Wendy is a heavy drinker, and even male adventurers have difficulty drinking with her, it seems that she hasn’t gotten dead drunk. There is Wendy laughing with a drunk, because of her capacity to drink, she has become quite famous in the bar.

“Oh, is it alright for Wendy to be drinking?”

“The law has set the coming of age to 15 years, so she can drink. With regards to the law, why not ask Stella? To teach you”

“So there is something that master doesn’t know. Huhu, it’s somewhat cute”

“Hiroto has already grown, it’s a bit too much for you to continue treating him as a kid. You should take care of Wendy so that she doesn’t offend you without knowing”

“I…… I-I’m sorry, I just… Master, please don’t abandon me!”

“Don’t worry about that. I’m still a kid no matter how you look at it”

In the future, after registering with the soldier guild and liberating the level cap for the warrior skill, I would like to raise my skills with Wendy, so it would be awkward if she left the party… That’s a joke, Wendy has already become a vanguard essential to our party. Of course I alone am enough to protect the rear guard, but, considering the future, it’s not a good idea to try and take on everything on my own.

The party should be at least six people, and it’s ideal that the vanguard, mid-guard and back-guard are well-balanced. The party limit is 100 people, so I would like to try and recruit people whenever I can. Making my own guild and becoming the master is my goal for the moment. I know what the conditions for making it are, so I will make one when the moment is ripe.

“Ash passed the merchant’s exam and Dean seems to have started training in martial arts. Stella is ten years old, but she is so intelligent that it wouldn’t be strange if the university Fajir invited her. I’m sure she will become an excellent scholar”

“All of the children of this town are quite good, even though Riona-san is also eight years old, she is very popular with everyone in town… At first I thought it was because there were many people that liked girls, but when I saw Riona-san in person, I was convinced”

“She has become a frightfully beautiful girl. But there is something else to her, I can’t explain what… There is something that makes you pay attention to her”

Apart from the “Enchant” passive skill, there is also the “Charm” skill. Although everyone has an independent charm value, it is independent from those skills.

Riona, being a succubus will acquire and learn how to use the skill “Charm” as she grows up, and I confirmed that she acquired that skill at her 5th birthday. As her charm value increases, her “Charm” skill will become more effective, and without her knowing, it will activate easily, to the point that she may even make successful trades or negotiations. Although the “Charm” skill is one hard to learn if not followed the right procedures, I will try to learn it in the future.

She is still a meddling and jealous girl for me, but Riona seems to be like a very lovable girl to the others. Of course, Riona, in terms of appearance only is very beautiful, but she doesn’t stand out that much compared to the other girls I know, but that combined with her skills.

“Hiroto and Riona are childhood friends, so they spend a lot of time together… Wendy and Nameless, if we let down our guard, he might be taken away”

“This humble self doesn’t fuss over monogamy, as long as Hiroto keeps me company from time to time, that’s enough. Although I hope the content of the act changes in the future”

“Oh, I also think that the relationship between master and disciple, if the timing is correct, can be overstepped…”

“E-Everyone… I understand your feelings, but I’m still eight years old”

“Ah… He said I right now, that’s slightly manly. Say it again Hiroto” [1]

Monica-san wants me to grow up quickly, and tends to make such requests often. As a child I would like to answer onee-san’s request, but I’m embarrassed to say it again so I smile and try to laugh it off.

If I respond to her request she would become very happy, and the atmosphere will surely change. As the party’s leader, I should behave with the appropriate tension for the request.

“We have not begun with the request yet, so please don’t make that cramped face”

“There is a saying that great men are greatly fond of the pleasures, I don’t like using those settings but, Hiroto may really put that into practice”

“Because it’s master, he was able to earn everyone’s trust. I will follow you my entire life!”


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1. He refers to himself as (Ore) which is a very rude or manly way to refer to oneself as a man, there is the (Watashi) which is the most respectful one, and the one Hiroto normally uses, and (Boku) which is a bit boyish. Back to text

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