Commushou no Ore ga, Koushou Skill ni Zenfurishite Tenseishita Kekka Chapter 21 part 4


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(I can’t take a bath together with her if she is starting to grow… Ku, what do I do?)

“Hiroto, what is that unfriendly answer. If you’re a man, try to be a little more sensible”


“I-It’s a joke. Mom, don’t look at me with such scary eyes”

Remiria-kaasan is looking at Ricardo-tousan angrily. Both are so young… Wait, I shouldn’t be the one to say that.

“… J-Just a little bit. It hasn’t grown that much, Stella-oneechan is still bigger”

Riona says that, but I’m going to act like I didn’t heart anything. Stella-ane is going through puberty, so she hasn’t been teaching me lately.

– I’m a kid, so it’s necessary that I pretend that I don’t know the reason. How should to the good will coming from everyone? I have to seriously think about that.

“Oh dear, you are still smaller than Stella-ane, so it isn’t a big deal”

“Muu…… Hi-Hiro-chan is mean! So big chest is good! I too, when I grow up will be like Sarasa-okaasan!”

“It’s okay Riona-chan. Even if Sarasa-san tries to invite Hiroto he would turn away… Dear. What are you listening to with that serious face?”

“When I heard that my son was being invited by our neighbor’s wife, I thought it wasn’t good. As a father I have to lead him correctly… I-It hurts, m-my ear, let it go mom or my earlobe will grow!”

“You just thought about something weird didn’t you? Fantasizing about another wife in front of your kids and wife… Repent!”

“I-It hurts, Hi-Hiroto, Sonia, please save me……!”

When Sonia went up to dad, she hits his knee and then looks at him and says.

“papa, you upset mama. Uncool”

“Noooo… My dignity as father…! Sonia, dad is, dad is…!”

Looking at my lamenting dad I end up laughing. Riona, who was embarrassed with her face completely red is now laughing too.

However, dad is someone who will become serious when the people of Mizer town are looking at him, and a lot of people respect him… In the house, he is another person in front of his wife and daughter. When I think about my family, I see my father and can feel the closeness.


Before going into the bathroom, dad said “Things haven’t been going well between Heinz and his wife, maybe it’s because of Hiroto? No, there is no way”

But to me, I can’t see that as a joke. Because I know the real relationship between Sarasa-san and Heinz-san, and yet I removed Sarasa-san’s slavery collar and put it on Riona.

“Ah… Hiro-chan, you still can’t turn back!”

“No! Onii-tan look over there!”

“I-I know… I haven’t been peeping, okay?”

Even if she takes off her clothes, Riona can’t remove the collar. When I tried to look back to confirm, I received an onslaught from Riona and my sister.

Riona helped take off Sonia’s clothes, the ribbon that tied her hair together was taken off. Sonia’s hair can reach her neck, but it curls a bit because it’s tied.

However, I think that my little sister will grow up to become a beautiful girl. She has feline eyes, long eyebrows, and she has her teeth aligned nicely. In this world, there are many different type of foods, and sugar is rarely used, so there is no one with decayed teeth in our family. But, because dad tends to grit his teeth too much, he has his back teeth broken, but in this world there are people who specialize in dental care, so it seems that it’s possible to treat him to some extent.

“… Hiro-chan, you can turn back. Gently, okay?”

“Hmm… O-Okay”

What should I say…… What would an eight years old kid say in this situation? No, in my case, I didn’t think anything of it.

Even in this world there is something equivalent to the towels, it’s made of cotton and has a high water absorption rate. Riona is there hiding her front firmly with that towel. However, because she is trying to conceal her bottom too much, her chest is showing a bit, and her valley is visible.

(…… I’m not a lolicon. Right, this is the feeling of wanting to protect. Although it’s not shown in the skill list, it is the paternity awakening)

To me who has already looked at the naked Riona, there is no sudden change in my impression just because many years have already passed. My mental age would be 24 years old, and the difference with Riona, who is 8 years old is 16 years. That’s bad, that’s my entire past life. Well, not that it matters.

“Onii-tan, don’t look at weird places! Look at Sonia!”


Although Sonia is clinging to me, my soul doesn’t move even a bit because even if she is stark-naked, she is my 3 years old sister. However, the reality of the situation is that Riona’s chest has grown, so it would be immoral for me to enter the bath together with her, and it would torture my frail mind.

(It grew…… In other words, her maternal skills are beginning to grow…? No, I won’t check that)

“Hi-Hiro-chan… What’s wrong? You suddenly went quiet. If you say nothing, it’s embarrassing”

“T-That’s not it… I-I’m n-not interested, not even a bit…”

“… Would you rather enter together with mom?”

(Asking me such a difficult question… Do you want me to die…?)

It seems that that Riona has already began to understand others, and she seems to vaguely felt how Sarasa-san looks at me.

Recently, I stopped receiving her breast-feeding, but I understand that she expects me to from time to time. At that time Riona would look at me with sharp eyes… I tried to think that there is no way an eight years old girl would feel jealousy, but after many times, I can’t deny the possibility anymore.

(What do I say so I don’t hurt Riona… S-Should I just be honest…?)

Even though I felt like I wanted to use the negotiation choices, it would be unnatural of me to drink a mana potion here. If it was more convenient I would be relying on it quite often.

So I towards Riona, who is looking at me with teary eyes, say as gentle as possible.

“That isn’t it, don’t worry. I’m not that interested in big c-chests”

“… Is this okay?”

“Bu… D-Don’t show it, really, that’s bad… Sonia too, you don’t have to show it!”

“Onii-tan, your face is red, even though you haven’t entered the bath”

Of course I didn’t react to Sonia’s nakedness, but to Riona’s… No, neither is good. Really, to suddenly reveal the parts that she was covering with the cloth… But it’s really grown.

(T-There is no ulterior motive… I’m not a lolicon, I’m just checking her status…)

Although I don’t understand to who I’m making excuses, at the end I called her status.


Name: Riona Ronea

Succubus Girl / 8 years old / Level 7

Job: Slave (You are the master)

HP: 64/64

MP: 1176/1176


Pharmacist 16

Handicraft 10

White magic 10

Enlightened body 2

Magic knowledge 96

Charm 32

Succubus 72

Maternity 10

Misfortune 108

Breakthrough 16

Slave 24

Action skills:

Sewing (Handicraft 10)

Hypnosis (Succubus 30)

Flight (Succubus 40)

Temptation (Succubus 50)

Dream eater (Succubus 60)

Passive skills:

[Opposite sex] Charm (Succubus 10)

Perfect Charm resistance (Succubus 20)

[?] Magic eye (Succubus 70)

Herbal medicine (Pharmacist 10)

Healing magic Level 7 (White magic 70)

Magic boost (Magic knowledge 30)

[x] Unexpected incident (Misfortune 10)

[x] Ruin (Misfortune 50)

[x] Bad luck star (Misfortune 100)

Devil Queen Lilith is occupying this body. [x] Misfortune gradually rises.

Remaining skill points: 21

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