Pretty Girl Wants to Become a Good Girl Chapter 1 part 1


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First Episode

As I go through the entrance, I stand in front of the shoe box and take off my shoes.

Rin. I heard a small sound of a bell.

When I turn back to look at the source, a girl carrying a red satchel passes by my side.

There is a small bell attached to her school bag. And it makes a lovely sound whenever she walks.

That girl has chestnut eyes and chestnut hair tied into a ponytail behind her.

Her eyes are large and her chest considerably big.

Well, it’d be no exaggeration to call her a beautiful girl.

And that girl is wearing a worn sweater and miniskirt.

Both the sweater and skirt have some details, but not the type from designs, it’s full of patches that are likely hiding holes.

It seems that that girl isn’t affluent.

Well, it doesn’t matter to me.


Even though it doesn’t matter to me, I somehow called out to her.

The girl with the bell stops and turns around to look at me.

She stares at me with those large and kind-looking chestnut eyes.

I just called her without knowing why, so I feel very nervous, and I end up pointing at the bell in her school bag.

“That bell, is kinda good”

When I said so, the girl stared blanky for a moment, but then smiled.

“Thank you”

Her voice is adorable, just like a bell.

The girl lowered her head towards me and turns to leave after thanking me.

Rin Rin. The bell sounds whenever she moves.

She’s quite polite. And she seems to have good personality.

Well, not that it matters to me.

I keep recalling her bell’s sounds.

And her chestnut eyes looking at me.

Although she was smiling, there was something in her eyes.

I began feeling anxiousness, so I decided to investigate about that girl.

According to the roster, she’s in the fifth grade, just like me, and her name is Satonaka Akira. Only her mother is registered, so maybe she has a family without a father.

This is the extent of information I can obtain from the roster.

If I want more information, I have no option but to ask. However, if she heard about it, she would suspect me.

Having thought so, I decided to stroll close to her classroom, and see what I could get by eavesdropping on her classmate’s conversations.


Although I did hear Satonaka’s name quite a few times, it was always from other schoolgirl’s mouths, and it was only making a fool of her.

Mainly about how her clothes or belongings look bad.

Her worn clothes, patches to hide the holes. Things like she uses the eraser until the end, and she takes care not to wear the pencil too fast.

Surely because of her family’s situation she’s trying to avoid any waste.

What’s wrong with that? Are you stupid?

Although, well, looking at Satonaka’s belongings and her appearance, there is nothing else to make fun of.

Satonaka is humble and seems to be the silent type, moreover, because her tits are big, she seems to be pretty popular among the boys. So the other girls don’t look to kindly at her. So it’s jealousy.

Although she’s not liked, there seem to be no extreme bullying. It’s just to the extent where girls form groups and ignore her or badmouth her.

I tried looking around for a bit longer to see if anyone would put a hand on her, but it seems that the bullying isn’t at that point yet.

It seems that this situation is irrelevant for me, I just enjoy crushing strong and bad guys.

Around two weeks after I began looking around, I heard a rumor that’s quite worrying.

It seems that Satonaka isn’t coming to school, but the cause seems to be because her mother fell sick.

Or that was what the teacher in charge of Satonaka’s class said so.

“Satonaka, that name sounds like a saint. It’s so hilarious because she is poor”

“That’s that. Saints tend to be poor, don’t they?”

“Like Cinderella? Ah, Cinderella wasn’t poor”

When looking for Satonaka in her classroom, I heard three girls talking about her and laughing.

“That Satonaka, she ignores you even when you badmouth her”

“But, didn’t Satonaka leave early yesterday? Maybe that’s when she got the notice, at that time her face became pale and she looked like she was about to cry”

“I saw, I saw. That’s so funny. She looked as if she was in a hurry. Kyahahahaha!”

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