Pretty Girl Wants to Become a Good Girl Prologue part 1


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Souichiro “Your brother is always watching over you”

In a dimly lit alley. In front of a dead end. With no escape.

“Now you did it, you bastard”

One of the men surrounding me threw me those words while trying to shoot me dead with his eyes.

“That woman was our toilet, speaking of her, it was her fault, yet she did something unnecessary”

The man speaks while tightening his fist.

All of them are wearing the same student clothes, and their physique is nearly twice of mine. Well, that’s natural, after all they are five or six years older than I am.

Well, then you ask me why am I in this situation? Because I made a mistake.

Those men were treating a woman as a sexual outlet, the so called meat toilet. And I happened to see them by chance, and my chests began to hurt.

I didn’t want to save that woman though, because I’m a villain with a distorted personality.

A lot of men were assaulting a woman.

And because I thought it would be funny, I choose to crush them.

However, the other party is a group of men five and six years older than me, so it’s quite difficult. I tried to crush them, but failed and began to run, and arrived at a dead end, which is the situation right now.

However, I already have the evidence that I will need to crush them. I’m going to get beaten here, but that’s okay.

No matter how bad they beat me, I won’t acknowledge my defeat, I won’t lose.

And, no matter how long it takes, I will make sure to crush them one by one.

That’s my way.

“I won’t be merciless just because you are a kid, you will get beaten quite badly to make sure you don’t get any ideas of rebelling again”

The angry man speaks as he shows me his fist while smiling from ear to ear.


Following the sound of wind being blown, I receive an intense impact on my abdomen, and my field of vision shakes violently as I feel like I’m floating.

So it happened. Was it reckless to seek a fight with men five years older than me?

This, I’m getting beaten quite badly, I’m sure I’ll end in the hospital.

Well, it’s common.

After a momentary feeling of floating, impacts run over my shoulder, and waist, and then the world turns around.

Pain came later.

“Gaha, goho”

I try to breathe in, but it’s painful.

It seems like I was hit on my stomach and was thrown to the ground, where I rolled for a moment.

It’s painful. Painful. However, my anger towards them exceeds the feeling of pain.

If you want to beat me, do it. But my mind will never break.

Because I’m the man called the Devil King.

“Hey, that kid was carrying a satchel”

“So what?”

“She’s a kid, but she is a pretty girl. We were going to do it anyway, so let’s do it with her”

“Are you an idiot? He is carrying a satchel, but this kid is a man”

“What? Seriously?? Is this a man? I thought it was a boyish girl”

The men look at me who is crawling on the ground while having a rude conversation.

Fuck. Who is a woman? Bastards, you touched my inverse scales. Saying things you shouldn’t be saying.

I will never forgive you. For sure. I will certainly crush you.

“This kid, he has a photo. It would be bad if there was evidence left”

“Oh? Physical examination?”

“Why the hell are you happy. Are you a homo? A shotacon?”

“It isn’t a woman, but it’s rare to find someone this pretty, so isn’t it fine?”

One of them is talking something rude again while approaching me with a smile on his face.

Hey, hey, are you serious? I’m really a man.

This is bad. I don’t want to graduate from being a virgin with my hole.

I try to get up, but my body doesn’t have any power in it.

This happened with only one hit?

I’m desperately trying to stand up, but my body doesn’t answer.

After all, I was getting myself involved in other people’s problems.

Oh well. If you want to dig my ass, do it on your own. However, I’ll never accept defeat.

I will make sure to return you the humiliation doubled.

“Let’s see, Kijima-kun, Kijima Aoi… Hey, Aoi it says. This kid is a girl after all?”

The man that crouched down beside me, said out loud as he read the name on my satchel without my permission.

“…… Kijima?”

A man standing somewhat away from me muttered. It’s the man who hit me.

“Wait a moment. Kijima, isn’t that that Souichiro Kijima’s relative?”


The man that was carrying my satchel and the man that hit me raised their voices in surprise.

Kijima Souichiro. When I heard that name, I grit my teeth.

Damnit. You bastards. You touched my inverse scale twice today.

Treating me like a woman, or trying to dig my ass.

I would have tolerated that to a certain point. But you mentioned the name that you shouldn’t have said.

I will never, absolutely never forgive you.

“Oh, certainly, I think Kijima Souichiro had a brother”

“D-Don’t joke like that. He can’t be Kijima Souichiro’s brother, they don’t look like brothers”

“If this is Kijima’s younger brother, then this is quite bad. I heard that Souichiro loves his brother a lot”

“Stop it, stop it. It just happens that they have similar last names”

Kijima Souichiro. Those men were scared just by listening to his name.

“Shut up!”

I shout as I grasp my fists to the very limit.

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