Pretty Girl Wants to Become a Good Girl Prologue part 2


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“It doesn’t matter! I don’t know any Kijima Souichiro! I am not his brother! Don’t joke with me! Fight me! Your enemy is right here!”

Kijima Souichiro. Just hearing that name, just saying his name made all the people here tremble in fear.

Because I’m weak, because of his name on my back I became a fox borrowing the power of a tiger.

It doesn’t matter if I’m beaten to a pulp. I will fight with my own power, even if I fall I will stand up again, and fight back.

No matter how many times I’m beaten, I will never accept defeat and will surely get my revenge. All done with my own power.

I am me. That person is different. I won’t ever ask for that person’s help.

Don’t suddenly get scared. Don’t just run away. Your opponent is me.

“If he is by chance his younger brother, this is bad. By the time we put our hands on him, it was-”

“Yes, it’s over”

A dignified and quiet voice interrupts the voice of the one who hit me.

And the air suddenly feels strained.

The men stare at a single point and become stunned, and the man who hit me has a rigid and pale face.

“My name Kijima Souichiro, although it’s his mistake for looking for a fight with you, it’s a principle to fight your own fights. And, I respect that attitude to fight your own fights with your own power, even if you have to use dirty tricks. If I am the objective of all of that, I don’t care, but–”

He puts his hand on the shoulders of the man that hit me, and grips strongly.

That man with short black hair, and pale light eyes.

A man with such appearance will make everyone think that he’s beautiful. But, it’s not just beauty.

He’s a man with good physique and his stature is slightly higher than those men’s, although he is a bit thin, he has a stout body from all his body training.

A monster that was born as a result of unending effort from a genius.

“If you put your hands on my young brother, I’ll get so angry I will want to kill you”

“W-We didn’t know. It’s true. If we knew it was Kijima-san’s little brother we wouldn’t have put our hands on him”

“Hmm, so if you knew nothing, it’s enough for me to forgive you?”

“T-That isn’t it! We really didn’t know. R-Right. We will prepare you a woman. A superb woman. We will never trouble your brother again. So please, just this time”

The man desperately apologizes in horror. Listening to his words, my brother bursts into laughter.

Stop, please stop. This is my fight. I’m not a fox borrowing the tiger’s power. I will win by myself. Don’t take it away from me.

“You hit Aoi. There is no way I would forgive you, don’t you think?”

My brother whispers while smiling.


I heard the sound of wind being blown and then the man’s body floats into the air.

High-speed hit with preparation motion at all.

The man that was hit on his chin was sent into the air and is already unconscious from that earlier hit.

My brother steps back casually and looks around.

Then he does a kick and hits that man’s face while he was still in mid-air.

The man was swooped as he was directly hit on his head and then he falls with tremendous momentum.

He then steps in further and hits the man’s chin that was falling with his foot.

Another knock-up.

The man is rotating to an interesting degree in the air and then hits the ground and rolls Gorori.

Three continuous blows in such a short time. Those attacks make you want to doubt whether he is truly human. Moreover, his pose was hardly altered, he accomplished all that without showing any opening.

“If it was the usual I would just laugh it off with this, huhu, but this anger won’t just go away like this. I really feel like killing you”

He is smiling, but at the same time from his eyes you can feel his killing intent.

My brother then moves his right hand towards his back, Zururi then he takes out a wooden sword.

That wood sword is the one he uses for training kendo and fencing since he was a child, so it’s as if the fish was put in the water again.

“I will warn you, I will thoroughly punish you, I will crush your bones into shreds, and don’t think that is the end. You hit Aoi. That sin will never disappear. I will crush you whenever I see you, over and over again. If you don’t want that then leave this town, if you don’t — Then die”

To his quiet voice the men crumbled simultaneously.

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