Pretty Girl Wants to Become a Good Girl Prologue part 3


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The Kijima family, which is my parents’ house is a famous household. It seems to have originated from a great family, but it increased due to my father.

The reason is my mother. The Kasugano family, which is my mother’s family is a noble house, just like my father’s, and the marriage between my mother and father led those two families to join hands. Which increased Kijima’s power by leaps, my father having an amazing business ability might be the cause too though.

And my brother who is seven years older than me, Kijima Souichiro is a genius. He was born with the world’s gift.

He has been on top of everyone else in academics and sports, not letting anyone else near him.

And my brother has a solid character, he’s gentle and he doesn’t drown in his own talent, moreover, he is always striving to make himself better.

However, I, I’m the complete opposite.


My elder brother has been sweet to me since I can remember, but recently it has gone up too many levels, it’s as if he was mad.

I know the cause. And because of that I’m now trying to avoid him.

I used to admire him. My brother that is the kindest and strongest, I would run after him everywhere he went.

He’s tall, has a good style, he’s handsome, and he’s a kind elder brother, I was so proud of my elder brother.

Trying to catch up to him was the beginning of my unhappiness.

I tried to monopolize him and tried to catch up to him someday. However, no matter how hard I tried, his back was far away. And instead of approaching him, he was getting further away from me.

But I didn’t give up. If I put as much effort as my elder brother then I will surely catch up to him someday.

However, I understood. That our talent was leagues apart.

From all of the prizes that my brother had won up to now, I was unable to win even a single one.

Brother’s name and school year was always accompanied with a certificate of merit. And I couldn’t achieve any of those that my brother did.

Even if I studied while forsaking my sleeping time, I managed to get into the top ranks. But I couldn’t catch up to my brother no matter what I did.

I’m not good at exercising. So I ran early in the morning and in the evening to improve my strength. However, maybe because of my constitution. My body didn’t improve by much.

I’m antisocial and shy.

Because of that I don’t have any friends besides my family.

I’m incapable of laughing. After noticing that I started to avoid my brother.

Why is elder brother so kind to me, why only me?

Because I’m an incompetent younger brother. My brother is showing me kindness because he pities me.

I knew the difference. I knew that my brother’s love was real. It was the result of having a younger brother.

But I couldn’t stand it.

No matter how hard I tried, my brother’s back would get further away from me.

The difference in our talents is clearly shown, but he is very kind to me.

He feels sorry for his younger brother that keeps failing. I couldn’t help but think so.

If I think about it now, I think my heart began to distort from that moment on.

My only salvation was my father, who is tough with me.

Father is strict with me. It’s natural because I’m a failure unlike my elder brother.

My father would call me whenever something happened and would scold me.

I hate being beaten, but I was glad somewhere in my heart.

I was saved thanks to my father’s scolding.

My hobby is destroying strong guys, it’s a way for me to forget about those troubles.

Officially I act as an honor student, but behind the scenes I’m showing my dark side.

Even if it’s a strong guy it doesn’t mean I go indiscriminately destroying guys. I look for the bad ones.

That’s because I feel refreshed whenever I crush those guys. It’s perfect to make me feel better.

However, sometimes I get caught, and I get beaten up to a pulp. But then I would just return it doubled.

This time too, if my brother didn’t get in my way I would have crushed them after some time.

After that day, I began to avoid my brother even more.


As I was walking through my house’s corridor, my older brother, who suddenly appeared behind me, came out and called out to me, which scared me a bit.

Even so, I continue walking down the corridor while ignoring my brother.

“A-Aoi. Onii-chan overdid it a bit. I’m very sorry”

Nii-san came to me to apologize. [1]

Even though you don’t feel even an ounce of regret.

“A-Aoi, let’s go to the bullet train together. You like the bullet train, right?”

I completely ignore Nii-san as he follows me and talks to me with a smile on his face.

Although I like the bullet train, I don’t want to go see it with Nii-san.

“R-Right. Do you want to play cards with Onii-chan? Didn’t you like the old maid? Aoi is so good at playing the old maid that Onii-chan hasn’t won a single game, but this time I’ll win” [2]

Nii-san grabs my arm and asks me desperately.

I haven’t even won anything. It’s just you losing on purpose.


When I stopped, Nii-san who is grabbing my arm smiles at me.


Nii-san answers with a smile as he lets go of my arm.

“I’m going to study now, so can you leave me alone?”

“I-I’m sorry…”

Nii-san apologizes to me.

I end up clenching my teeth and turn away to continue walking down the corridor.

Everything is okay, I just have to bear with this, he was just trying to butter me up.

He is surely pitying me.

But his appearance as he was looking at me with his sad eyes hurt my chest.

Something is making me feel restless.

This something is growing rapidly inside my chest.

That’s why I try to calm myself by going out and crushing bad guys that I discover, by crushing those guys I can feel relieved.

I’m not a justice ally. I’m just a loser that ran away because I couldn’t face Nii-san.

And then I crush I go around crushing the bad guys to soak myself in the joy of victory. That’s me.


1. I used elder brother to show his respect for his brother while in his memory, but now I’m changing it to Nii-san because that is what he is calling him. Back to text

2. The old maid is a card game :v. Back to text

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