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That Day The World Changed Chapter 36 part 3


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Right when i was starting to think that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to commit Mitsuki in her workplace’s bathroom, Matsuki who finished changing clothes came in the living room together with Shizuki.

Matsuki, who is red up to her ears, is hiding behind Shizuki. It seems that she is quite embarrassed to be using Shizuki’s uniform.

I look around and confirm that Kazuki-san isn’t here.

“Matsuki, don’t hide and properly show yourself. It’s an order”

When I order Matsuki who is standing behind Shizuki, she gave up and lines up next to Shizuki while her face is completely red. She stands there bashfully. I swallow my spit when I saw her.

Though I was surprised at Mitsuki’s appearance, this is more than I expected.

When watching Matsuki, Mitsuki and Shizuki next to each other like this, the difference can be clearly seen.

Since Mitsuki is wearing glasses and a suit, she looks different, but Matsuki and Shizuki have the exact same hairstyle and clothes. That is why the difference can be clearly seen.

Shizuki has her hair tied in twin-tails with a cherry-colored ribbon, but Matsuki has her hair in twin-tails with a yellow ribbon. The yellow ribbon is Shizuki’s property.

The truth is that besides her cherry-colored ribbon, she has a light blue-colored ribbon, but it was taken by Kazuki-san. Well, it can’t be helped, I can’t tell Kazuki-san to return it.

Anyway, their faces do look alike, but, is it normal for twins to look more alike than mother and daughter?

Matsuki with her innocent and pretty face together with the twin-tail looks like a student no matter how I look at her. However, Matsuki looks more mature than Shizuki. Shizuki and I are in second year of high school, but Matsuki looks like a third year student that somehow ended up repeating a year. In other words, she looks somewhat like a college student.

She is cute, amazingly cute. But, maybe it’s as everyone said and it’s impossible? If it was to pretend to be a college student, there would be no problem.

Matsuki wearing the sailor uniform gives off that impression.

Although her face looks young, her body has matured. Her breasts are bigger than Shizuki’s, her butt and thighs are richer than Shizuki’s. Because she is wearing Shizuki’s uniform, her chest and ass look somewhat cramped. But her waist is the same, so her amazing figure stands out. And it’s erotic. Furthermore it’s erotic. Way too erotic.

“U-uuuh… M-Master. After all, is this impossible?”

Matsuki hesitates while standing beside Shizuki, and mutters that with a voice that seems like it will disappear.

— It will be quite difficult.

— Neesan, I understand your worries.

Mitsuki and Shizuki may be thinking like that.

Well, it may be true that it seems somewhat impossible for Matsuki to attend school instead of Shizuki, but it’s probably okay.

Because I have experience, I understand it clearly. Although I was quite notorious for my ugliness, no one really cared about observing me. If someone else answered instead of me to confirm attendance, no matter who is sitting in my seat, no one would care. It’s something like that.

Shizuki is probably like that. Although she became a bit famous after being seen together with me, if someone similar to her was in her place, no one would notice.

Then, I felt that something was wrong from Matsuki’s appearance.

I wondered what was wrong, and as I carefully observed her, I was surprised to notice something.

“Shizuki, you…”

I muttered unconsciously due to the surprise.

When Shizuki looks at me, she looks down with a blush on her cheek.

The silver-nameplate with “Sex Slave” engraved on it is on Matsuki’s neck.

That is what I bought for Shizuki, and it’s what she values the most. The proof that she is my possession. She lent it to Matsuki.

At my words, Matsuki looks at Shizuki.

Shizuki who has her red face down-cast shows a strange smile to Matsuki when she looks at her.

A child who wants to depend on her parents. A child who wants to be complimented. That was the smile that she showed.

Did she guess from that? Matsuki tearfully hugs Shizuki.

“Sorry Shizuki. And thank you”

The appearance of Matsuki being ashamed of her figure disappeared in the blink of an eye, and apologizes to Shizuki with a voice full of affection.

“You look like the old mother…” [1]

Shizuki smiles happily and closes her eyes and nests her face close to Matsuki’s. Then she returns Matsuki’s strong hug.

Then, the living room’s door was flung open.

“If you want to laugh, laugh!”

And, a person that can’t read the atmosphere enters the living room as she shouts while teary eyed.

It’s Kazuki-san who entered while wearing the same sailor suit. Her hairstyle was tied to twin-tail and has the light blue-colored ribbon that she borrowed from Shizuki.

I was wondering where she was because she disappeared suddenly, but it seems that she went and got her hair in a twin-tail after hearing that Matsuki would be doing so.

It seems that it took a long time for her to gather her courage, most likely she was hanging in the corridor all this time. And so she ended up entering the living room right when mother and daughter were expressing their feelings.

Kazuki-san. I don’t dislike that part of you.

“L-Laugh! You want to laugh, don’t you!? Then laugh! After all, the twin-tail doesn’t suit me at all! I know that! That’s why; I’m okay even if you laugh!”

Kazuki-san screams as if she was about to start crying while her face is completely red. Mitsuki sighs after watching Kazuki-san like that, and Matsuki starts laughing while Shizuki coldly stares at Kazuki-san.

“It suits you well. No matter what anyone says, I think it suits you”

When I told her that, Kazuki-san stopped shouting and looks down with her face completely red up to her ears as she twines around her fingers in front of her non-existent chest. And when she saw me with a glance she laughed happily.

Well, it’s cute.

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  1. Meaning that she was acting like she used to. Return to reading

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