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That Day The World Changed Chapter 36 part 4


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Matsuki, Kazuki-san and I prepare to go to school. And Mitsuki groups with us at the entrance to go to her work.

So only Shizuki will be going to see us off.

“Matsuki-san will only assist school once a week, at most twice a week. We can’t let you lose your place after all”

While patting Shizuki’s head I said so, and she smiles while nodding happily.

“Shizuki, ehm, I’m sorry for having to trouble you, but—“

“It’s about Uzuki’s meals and toilet right? I understand”

Matsuki speaks to Shizuki to apologize, but Shizuki interrupts her in mid-sentence.

As for Uzuki, I’m sure she is the younger sister.

Meal and toilet? I haven’t seen her before, what does that mean?

Though I was worried, it isn’t something I should pry further.

We leave the entrance after being sent off by Shizuki, and then we separated with Mitsuki who will be going on car, and Kazuki-san who attends another school.

While Kazuki-san was close by, Matsuki acted like a mother. Although Matsuki was acting calm, the moment Kazuki-san left, she hid behind me. And, while grabbing my uniform’s sleeve with her fingers she trembles.

The other students on our way to the school watch us.

I think they are purely watching me, but Matsuki won’t think that way.

Even though she is ugly, and without minding her age, she puts on the sailor uniform and ties her hair in a twin-tail. Because of that she is troubling her dear master.

She might be thinking something along those lines.

“Do you want to receive everyone’s approval?”

While walking I ask Matsuki who is behind me.

“Are you complaining about being liked by me? I don’t feel shameful at all by walking side by side with you”

Although there is was no answer when I asked her, the trembling coming from the uniform’s sleeve stopped.

“I’m not fulfilling your wish to stay together with me; I took you with me because I wanted to be together with you”

While thinking that maybe she needs another push, Matsuki’s fingers part from my sleeve. *Pan* Then a sound of something being hit was heard from behind me. Matsuki straightens her back and speeds up to walk by my side with her bright red face and teary eyes.

Both cheeks are red. Maybe the sound I heard was her hitting her cheeks.

“I-I’m not scared anymore”

Matsuki says with teary eyes.


I ask her, and Matsuki nods with her bright red face. However, her knees are clearly shaking.

It’s understandable that she is afraid, yet, she managed to gather her courage.

I smile, and put my hand inside my uniform’s pocket.

When we left, there was something else Shizuki lent to us.

Shizuki didn’t only lend her uniform, ribbon and choker, but also her favorite chastity belt.

Of course, the nipples and clitoris have rotors installed, and a dildo is inserted in her pussy and ass too. I have the remote control that manipulates such items.

Using the hand in my pocket I turn on all the switches.


Matsuki trembles due to the sudden stimulus that came when I switched the vibes on, together with her stopping, her knees tremble even more and she bites her lower lip.

“Shizuki said that while being trained by me everything else becomes trivial”

Her skin flushed as if was on fire, she breathes roughly while desperately trying to endure the pleasure, meanwhile I drew my face close to her ear and grab her hand while whispering to her that.

Matsuki hears my words and holds my hand strongly as she nods.

The pleasure given will make her look away from reality. She might run away from the reality. But that doesn’t mean that she has to face someone in particular.

Today’s goal is only to have Matsuki go to school and after attending classes, go back home safely. Only that has to be achieved.

Matsuki braces herself to endure with her crimson face that seems like it’s burning, and then takes a step forward while following me.

All of her erogenous zones are being excited at the same time, but Matsuki desperately kills her voice, when we reached a point where the school gate can be seen I stopped together with the trembling Matsuki.

A person is reflected in my view. I saw that person standing next to the school gate and I was driven by the urge to squat down and hide.

This is bad. This is really bad.

It wasn’t possible to have a profound talk with Shizuki, and to make it worse, the one next to me isn’t Shizuki, but her mother.

I thought that there was no one close to Shizuki, but, that person.

Because she was hoping to help her from Shizuki. She will surely cling to Shizuki. Rather, she is waiting by the school gate’s side surely because she is waiting for Shizuki.

What should I do?

While cold sweat goes down my back, I mutter in my heart as the figure of Senjo-senpai is reflected in my eyes.


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