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That Day The World Changed Chapter 37 part 1


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Thirty-Seventh Episode

I should step back here. If Matsuki makes contact with Senjo-senpai, then no matter how I think about it, it will take a turn for the worse.

It’s obvious, but…

It will be the worst if I step back here. Matsuki’s long awaited step forward will be ruined.

Even if I decide to step back here, Matsuki will surely accept my order. However, her mental state that was so excited to attend school will suffer.

Momentum is important. Humans riding on waves of momentum are strong. Should I step back even if it means killing that momentum?

Can’t help it. I’ll have to decide after having a look at Matsuki’s reaction.

“Matsuki, I’m sorry. This is completely my bad. I thought that Shizuki had no intimate friends at school, but the girl standing next to the school gate is a person who is trying to build such a relation with her”


“I don’t know what are her intentions in doing that, but she is pretty persistent, that I can say for sure”

While holding Matsuki’s hand, I whisper so to her.

Senjo-senpai is the type of person that will wait even until sunset. Moreover, even though last time it was just her and us, she kept kneeling the whole time. In addition, she told Shizuki she would likely kill herself if she refused to talk to her.

I’m troubled if she dies. If such thing happens, Shizuki will feel responsible. Having said that, to have replaced Shizuki in school without her doing her talk with Senjo-senpai…

Aah, damn, why did I forget this. This is the worst. It is the worst development.



While I was worried, Matsuki murmured something.

I turn to look at Matsuki. And I found her looking at Senjo-senpai while her eyes shine.

Wait, wait a moment. This reaction is outside my expectations.

“Shizuki’s friend!? Fufufufu! Friend! Shizuki’s friend! Not only a master, but she even got a friend! That girl! I gave birth to a hawk!”

Matsuki shone a smile as she raises her voice and looks at me, then she looks at Senjo-senpai.

“C-Calm down. Matsuki, listen to what I say. First of all – “

“Hello! I’m Shizuki’s mother!”

“What? Hey, wait a moment –“

I tried to stop Matsuki, but I was too slow.

The hand that was grasping my sleeve left, and Matsuki runs to Senjo-senpai at full speed while waving her hand.

“I’m Shizuki’s mother, I’m Matsuki! Thanks for always looking after my daughter!”

And she firmly makes her self introduction.

I became worried about Matsuki’s actions outside that were way outside my expectations, but this isn’t the time to be worried.

“Matsuki, wait a moment! Please wait a moment!”

Although I ran while shouting, Matsuki’s legs are faster than I expected. Perhaps her brain’s limiters were released.

It seems like it’s a big event for Shizuki to have friends of the same sex.

Well, she isn’t exactly a friend. Or perhaps, Shizuki has antipathy towards Senjo-senpai. She must only think of her as a nuisance.

I throw the bag and start running faster towards Matsuki.

Anyway, I have to stop her.

I was able to catch up to Matsuki after a moment while running at full power, and then I extend my right hand towards her shoulder.

“Hello! Hello! I’m Shizuki’s mother, Matsuki! I’m ashamed I brought nothing but my utmost gratitude!”


However, right before I caught her, she shouted, and Senjo-senpai noticed her.

Senjo-senpai who was looking straight ahead with her back straight, looks at Matsuki waving her hand.

“Muguuu!? Muguuu!? Muguumugumuguuuuuu!?”

Somehow I caught Matsuki and covered her mouth while she was raging, but Senjo-senpai was too close.

What to do? What should I do?

“Fujimura-san, Sakura-san, good morning. Fufu, you are quite lively so early in the morning”

Senjo-senpai saw Matsuki and politely greeted us as I cover Matsuki’s mouth. And after a moment her eyes are loosened and she smiles.

It seems that she still thinks that this is Shizuki as she called Matsuki “Sakura-san”.

Ah, fuck, I can’t retreat now. If it has reached this point, I have no option but to enter the school.

The talk with Senjo-senpai today about her wish can be delayed for later. I should look for a way to escape from this situation.

“Ha-hahaha! Well, Senjo-senpai, good morning! It is a nice weather today!”

“Muguu! Mugumugumuguu! Muguuuu!”

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