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That Day The World Changed Chapter 37 part 2


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While laughing, i greet Senjo-senpai, while not minding Matsuki who was behaving wildly.

Matsuki, please, I don’t expect you to be a good child, but at least be quiet.

“Oh, good morning, Fujimura-san. But, fufu, right in the morning starting with a chase? As expected of master, she has a firm grasp on Fujimura-san’s heart, to have you chasing after her. Can’t say nothing but as expected. How did you do to make Fujimura-san fall so madly in love with you? Please teach me your secret by all means” [1]

Senjo-senpai returned the greeting as a flash of light appeared on her long and narrow eyes and speaks while looking at Matsuki who has her mouth blocked. And praises Matsuki while thinking that she is Shizuki, as she begs for teaching.

Rather, she is already calling her master. [2]

Anyway, I’m so glad. I was worried about what was going to happen, but it seems that she misunderstood for the good. Moreover, it seems that she hasn’t noticed that the Shizuki here isn’t Shizuki, if that is the case, it may be possible to survive in the school.

“Hm? Hah?”

While I was lost in thought, suddenly Senjo-senpai shows a confused face as she gazes at Matsuki while putting her finger to her chin and tilts her head.

This is bad. Did she notice?

“Though it’s a little, did master’s back shrink? Also, her body is slightly different from yesterday? Moreover, she looks more mature than yesterday?”

Senjo-senpai points out the differences between Shizuki and Matsuki. As expected of the kendo club’s captain and the strongest queen. Is it impossible to deceive her insight?

No, don’t give up. Senjo-senpai is someone from the physical education department. Moreover, she is the kendo club’s captain, which lives with the samurai spirit as discipline. Even though the beauty values have reversed, the situation is different, it doesn’t change the fact that she has to abide by the rules.

If Senjo-senpai gets to know that Shizuki’s mother went to school instead of Shizuki herself. This will become a big problem.

Anyway, I have to make it through this place even if I have to be aggressive and make time for future actions.

“Mu? Impossible—“

Senjo-senpai who was quietly watching Matsuki, assumed something and trembled. And then abruptly approaches me and closes in to my ear with a smile.

After all, she noticed?

My heart throbs too much as if it was about to explode, and I swallow hard while spouting cold sweat all over my body.

“Can it be, that you enjoyed last night?”

Senjo-senpai whispers close to my ear.

Did you enjoy last night? Huh? Well, yes, that is right, however. Huh?

“I see, I’m convinced now. When a woman is loved, the body releases hormones. Anyway, today’s master has an aura all over her body as if she is overwhelmed by Fujimura-san’s love. It’s a wonderful thing. I envy such master that is loved by a man like Fujimura-san”

Senjo-senpai continues to whisper as if convinced.

While calming down my heart, I decided to leave the misunderstanding as it is because it’s convenient for me.

“Haha, about yesterday’s matter, to tell you the truth, the answer isn’t ready yet. Can you wait until after school…?”

Anyway, in order to be separated from Senjo-senpai, I have to talk about yesterday’s matter.

“Oh, there is no problem. On the contrary, I thank you for seriously thinking about my wish, even if you refuse to continue the talk; I want you to be relieved because I won’t make any inconveniences to you. And –“

Senjo-senpai bows to us while talking, then she looks around. And she approaches abruptly again.

“The hierarchical relationship is severe, so it would be a great help for future interactions, as I have decided to dedicate my body and soul to Sakura-san, who is my master. If there are no people around, there is no problem if you call me Mikage. No, I would very much like you to do so”

Senjo-senpai moved her mouth close to my ear and whispered that.

Even though I told her that the answer isn’t ready yet, Senjo-senpai has already decided to become Shizuki’s disciple.

Is it already impossible to refuse?

Even if I accept it, I have to talk with Shizuki. It’s Shizuki who accepts Senjo-senpai and she is the one who would suffer the most out of it. Therefore, I can’t answer without getting her confirmation.

“Then I will talk to Shi-Shizuki and you after school”

While covering Matsuki’s mouth, I talk to Senjo-senpai with an amiable smile, as I took distance from her.

“Oh, I got it. Then, until after school”

Although it shouldn’t be a problem for her to come with us, she bowed towards us as we left. Even if I turn to look at her, she is still standing there.

There are no signs of her coming after us.

I pat my chest in relief, feeling relieved I hurry to the school building.

Although I have not solved any problems, I was able to delay it. I was worried about what would happen with the wild Matsuki, but the worst situation was avoided, so lets just leave it at that.

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  1.  The master she is talking about here is Shizuki, and she is calling her as a pupil talks to his teacher. (Shishou) Return to reading
  2.  Here he is referring to the same master that Senjo-senpai spoke about. Return to reading

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