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That Day The World Changed Chapter 37 part 3


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As usual, I put a big amount of love letters from my shoe box in my bag, then walk into the school building with Matsuki. I thought the difficult part was going to be this, but Senjo-senpai showed earlier. It was truly unexpected.

Well, I was in the wrong for forgetting.

“Matsuki, we will be separated during classes because Shizuki’s classroom is different from mine”

“Friend. Shizuki’s friend. Ufufufufu”

I tried to talk with Matsuki, but her mind is elsewhere. With a blush on her cheeks, she keeps saying friend, friend time and time again.

It seems that she is extremely happy about Shizuki making a friend.

Maybe she will get angry if I tell her Senjo-senpai isn’t her friend?

However, it’s good that the tension disappeared.

“Matsuki, if there are any problems, contact me immediately, there is no problem even if it’s in mid-class”


While patting Matsuki’s head, she answers happily while smiling.

It’s nice that she isn’t nervous anymore, but, is it okay like this?

As soon as we separated and she entered the classroom, there was a lot of noise coming from inside and then silence. And I felt that the students inside started paying a lot of attention to us.

Shizuki gained a lot of renown after getting involved with me. I thought that Shizuki would get harassed, but it was the opposite.

I honestly don’t know why, but it’s convenient like this for me.

Shizuki’s bullying seems to have stopped, and she is okay.

Matsuki goes to Shizuki’s seat and then takes out the study tools from the bag and puts it on the desk.

Matsuki is sitting on the seat while blushing.

Hmm, this is worrying. Although it’s worrying if she is too nervous, I’m more anxious if she loosens her mood too much.

“Listen Matsuki, if something happens, call me immediately. Don’t try to do it by yourself. Do you understand?”

I crouched and moved my mouth closer to Matsuki’s and whisper to her.


Matsuki answers with a voice full of happiness while laughing.

Do you understand? Do you really understand? Maybe it would be better to not take classes and leave her in the school nurse’s office bed.

But, she is in such a good mood. How can I just go and pour water on her like this?

Well, should I watch for the time being?

“Well then, I will pick you up after classes end, so behave well until then”


While patting Matsuki’s head, she answers the same as before.

I got out of Shizuki’s classroom and hid myself behind the entrance to look at the situation inside.

After all, I’m worried. I don’t know what kind of action will do Shizuki.


While watching inside, several girls came running towards Matsuki. I saw it and sweat started pouring down my whole body.

Hey, what is this? Although I knew Shizuki’s bullying was settled, I didn’t know she suddenly got in good terms with everyone else in the classroom.

“Yees! Shizuki here!”

She raises her right hand and replies cheerfully with a smile. I became worried when I saw that.

Who are you? Shizuki’s character isn’t like that, you should know as her mother.

“Waa, Shizuki-chan is so energetic today. Well, she was acting so lovey-dovey with Fujimura-san from the morning!”

“Ehehehe because master is so kind

Matsuki answers while laughing happily. Hearing that, all the blood left my body.


Don’t say that in public. Even if I don’t tell you, you should know.

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