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That Day The World Changed Chapter 37 part 4


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“Eh!? Shizuki-chan calls Fujimura-san master!?”

Sure enough, a female student raises a voice of astonishment. And the surrounding goes quiet.

Please Matsuki, take back what you said.

“Yes , that’s right

Matsuki nods foolishly while throwing out her chest as if proud of what she said.

This is no good. After leaving her, she messed up instantly.

“Fujimura-kun and Shizuki-chan are in a good relation, right?”

I thought Matsuki would be called out, but the other students remained calm and kept talking to Matsuki.

It seems that they don’t feel that anything is wrong. Perhaps I should say, that they have a very friendly atmosphere.

“Today Shizuki-chan feels somewhat nicer”

“Yes. You always are expressionless, but today you are smiling”

“Although before I talked about Shizuki-chan and Fujimura-kun’s relation as a joke, you sure are good together”

“I heard that you always hold hands with Fujimura-kun, is it true? There is a rumour that Shizuki-chan isn’t the one who started it, but Fujimura-kun who is deeply in love with you”

“Damn, I would have confessed if I knew that he judged by the insides rather than the looks”

“No, no, even your inside is as ugly as your appearance”


Conversation breaks out inside the classroom. I can hardly feel any negative feelings such as dislike and jealousy in those conversations, if anything, it’s friendly.

“Sakura is seriously irritating, isn’t she? Just because she is associating with Fujimura-kun, she gets carried away. She is truly disgusting”

S-Stop it… Fujimura-kun declared their relationship in such a dignified manner. And he was touchy in such an eye-catching way with Sakura. Which is why his favorability rose suddenly. So if you meddle with Sakura, we don’t know how many people will turn their hostility to us”

There seems to also be students who are hostile, I see, so it’s like that.

Because I started a relation with Shizuki who is famous for being ugly in our school, my favorability rose suddenly? So that was the cause why the number of love letters explosively increased.

As long as I have Shizuki, I don’t mind anything else, I was just in that state of thought that I lost sight of anyone else, so I don’t understand other people’s hearts.

“And, although it’s a rumour, it seems that Fujimura-kun got Senjo-senpai backing him”


“If you antagonize Senjo-senpai, that is like antagonizing all the girls in the deport clubs. Although her looks are horrible, she didn’t mind and kept training till the point she participated nationally, so she ended up becoming the role model of a lot of girls”

“P-Popular, isn’t that a girl’s fantasy? Moreover, there is no way Senjo-senpai is sticking with Fujimura-kun”

“I think so too, but, he is associating with Sakura, moreover, it seems to be serious. Maybe it’s true that he doesn’t judge by a woman’s appearance”


Senjo-senpai, I was worried when that name came up, but it seems to not be bad.

Really. Does Senjo-senpai have such an influence on the girls of the deport clubs? If she is backing me up, then the ones bullying Shizuki will decrease further, and we can spend a peaceful school life.

I thought that there was no merit to associating with Senjo-senpai, but it seems to be better than expected.

“Shizuki-chan, want a cookie?”

“I’ll eat~!”

“Shizuki-chan, want a candy?”

“I want~!”

“Shi-Shizuki-chan, I’ll give you this chocolate, so could you tell Fujimura-kun that Mina Kanna is a super kind girl?”

“Wait!? Mina, what are you talking about!?”

“What? Even though you too want to tell her that!”

“What!? Are you an idiot? It’s different! Completely different! Unlike you, I just wanted to give that to Shizuki-chan”


“Eh!? Is it okay!?”

“Eh!? Is it okay!?”

“Eh!? Is it okay!?”

“Eh!? Is it okay!?”

“Eh!? Is it okay!?”

“Eh!? Is it okay!?”

“Eh!? Is it okay!?”

The girls start a fuss in the classroom. While watching that I leak a sigh and part from there.

Well, it seems that she will be okay somehow.

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