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That Day The World Changed Chapter 38 part 1


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Thirty-Eight Episode

When I arrive at my seat, I take out my cell phone from my uniform pocket.

Recently, my classroom has been quiet. That’s because the number of girls trying to flatter me has decreased sharply. Thanks to that, it’s easy to spend time alone.

Before the beauty values were reversed, I was quite used to being alienated after all. Moreover, I don’t like being fawned over, or rather, I hope they ignore me.

Well, the number of girls trying to flatter me has drastically reduced.

As to the reason, I’m not sure because I haven’t heard it, but it’s probably because of the power balance established among the girls in the class.

In the past, girls used to flatter me freely in groups, but now they have stopped. Surely they separated into two powers watching each other.

Although one of them is like a moderate faction? There are some girls that tend to look at me from a distance and have a happy face.

The other ones are like extremists. There go the girls who want to grab any chance they can get to touch me.

So both powers collide against each other.

In the past the atmosphere in the classroom was annoying, but now it’s quiet, so it’s better than before.

However, sooner or later one faction will win over the other. And I hope that it’s the moderate one, but, considering raw power; the extremist faction will probably win.

It would be noisy again if that happens. It would become honestly annoying.

Well, I’m worried about Matsuki so I’ll send her a mail reminding her to properly report to me through mails.


And I found a notification of a new message.

I haven’t had any friend contact through my phone since long ago. People who would send me a mail are limited.

It should be Matsuki, Shizuki or Mitsuki. When I thought so and open the mail; I found out my prediction was out of the mark.

“Oh, Kazuki-san”

The mail’s sender was Kazuki-san.

Now that I remember, I did give her phone address.


I laughed at the contents of the mail.

–I’m sending the first mail. Do say if you don’t like it? I don’t want Fujimura-kun to hate me.

It’s an indescribably innocent, serious and cute mail.

When I see this mail, I end up thinking; she is Matsuki’s daughter after all.

Unlike, Shizuki, Mitsuki and Matsuki, who are so similar and act like that, Kazuki-san only ends up revealing her similarity through the mail.

–It’s not unpleasant at all. Please send one anytime you want.

I return the mail while smiling, and before long, a reply came.

–Thank you. I thought Fujimura-kun would say so, but I still wanted to confirm it.

Kazuki-san seems to have a habit of being obstinate, or too pure, she transmits her disposition cleanly through the mail’s content.

While thinking such a thing, another mail came.

–Today, after I separated from Fujimura-kun, I found a flower on the roadside. There were two flowers blooming side by side. And I took a picture because it looked cute.

An image was attached to the mail. When I open it, two small flowers growing from the cracks on the asphalt were blooming side by side.

One is a little blue flower. While the other is a pale pink flower a bit smaller. The two flowers blooming so close together looked like they were happy to side by side.

–When I saw the blue flower, I thought of Fujimura-kun. It’s like it’s protecting the small pink flower. The pale pink flower… It’s nothing. Well then, later.

“It’s a young lady…”

I muttered after reading the serious, innocent and bittersweet mail.

Well, it’s cute.

After finishing the first hour of class I quickly head to Matsuki.

Though I sent her several mails, she has yet to answer.

I arrive at Shizuki’s classroom and was shocked. A lot of girls are crowded together inside the classroom.

It’s probably Matsuki, what have you done now.

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