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That Day The World Changed Chapter 38 part 2


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“Shi-Shizuki-chan, can you make this?”


“T-Then, this cake?”

“Yes, I can make it!”

“Eh!? You can make it!?”


According to the voices I hear, the cause seems to be Matsuki. But there are too many schoolgirls surrounding her.

“Shi-Shizuki-chan, by any chance, do you make your own lunch box?”

“Yes, I do!”

Many girls speak to Matsuki.

I realized with yesterday’s dinner that her culinary skills are top notch.

However, Shizuki? Can she cook? You are sitting there as Shizuki.

“Isn’t there something wrong with Shizuki-chan today?”

“Has she been this family-oriented all this time?”

“Moreover, she’s smiling all the time”

“Her face is like that, but her body is strangely erotic”

“Maybe she awoke by being loved by Fujimura-kun?”

“Awakening? That may be it”

Some girls whisper. Today’s Shizuki, rather than being strange or weird, it’s more like it’s another person.

It’s good to interact with other people; however, what do I do with this. I never thought that she would draw too much attention.

“That isn’t Shizuki anymore…”

This is bad. If Shizuki comes to school as normal, how will she do? She isn’t so sociable.

Considering Shizuki’s circumstances in her past, her sociability is quite low. However, the worst part is the misunderstanding she is creating.

Her misunderstanding Senjo-senpai as a friend, moreover, the joy coming from the other girls will become confusing when Shizuki enters the classroom, Matsuki got a misunderstanding that her daughter is popular, moreover, she forgot herself in the joy.

If Matsuki was the one coming to school every day, then there would be no problem.

“Training to improve Shizuki’s social skill… Impossible”

Although Shizuki would gladly accept the training, no matter how I think about it, it’s impossible. To begin with, there is no time.

Damn, why is this like this.

In my plans, Matsuki would sit down in class and in-between classes I would train her to pamper her, and after passing the day like that we would safely arrive at home and I would give her a reward.

However, she is surrounded by a large number of girls, and she has been fortunate. It’s a good thing, but my head becomes painful when I think about Shizuki.

Everything went wrong because of Senjo-senpai. I know that she isn’t a bad person. However, being involved with that person has brought only problems.

Thus, the rest time passed like that.

“There is no choice but to do something at lunch break…”

I mutter so and left Shizuki’s classroom.

Even if I leave Matsuki alone, she will be okay, the problem is Shizuki. When she comes to school tomorrow, a lot of girls will surround her. If that happens, she will panic.

In order to avoid that, I have to contact her.

Rather, nothing will be solved even if I contact her, but I guess it would be better to know beforehand rather than not know at all.

With that being said, the class has already begun, so I shut myself in a private room in the toilet and call Shizuki.

“Won’t answer…”

The phone is ringing, but Shizuki doesn’t answer the call.

That is impossible. If I call her, she would answer no matter what.

Now that she doesn’t answer, did something happen?

I called again after a while, but she doesn’t answer.

“I-I should send a mail…”

I decided to send a mail while afraid of this unexpected happening.

She should get in touch as soon as she notices the mail.

While thinking about that, the telephone suddenly vibrated.

“Y-Yes! Fujimura here!”

I answer the phone in a hurry and my speak became honorific.

[Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa

Rough breathing is heard from the phone. As soon as I understood that, chills run up through my spine.

As expected, was there any problem?

“What happened Shizuki!?”

I shouted at the phone.

My heart is beating so hard that it feels as if it would explode any second now, and the cold feel running up my spine as sweat spurts from my whole body.

I feel more dead than alive.

[Haa, haa, haa — Sorry. I was imagining that master was giving me training, and I just lost myself and fainted…]

*Kakun* When I heard her voice my knees broke down, and I sat down on the spot.

What. She was masturbating while in a fantasy and fainted? I was flustered…

[S-Sorry. I’m sorry. Even though I received contact several times…]

Shizuki desperately apologizes.

When I left home, she sent me off with a smile, but she surely was lonely.

Moreover, although I did erotic training with her almost every day, yesterday I left her by herself and was playing with others from evening till this morning.

It isn’t a wonder that she ended up masturbating.

[I’m really sorry…]

“No, you don’t have to worry. It’s good that you are safe”


Then, right when I gave her gentle words I heard her tremble over the phone.

[Is, Is Shizuki not needed anymore?]


Shizuki’s voice was heard from over the phone, and it made me think that it isn’t the same person from this morning.

That voice at that moment. Made me remember that view from when she was licking the PET bottle received from me, and her voice when she was scraping the soil soaked with the spilled tea.

–This is bad.

“Shizuki, calm down”

[Even if I make a mistake, you won’t get angry?]

“Hey Shizuki-“

[Did I already wake up? It’s strange that master would love an ugly woman like me, to begin with; it’s strange, isn’t it? Does master really exist? Or, am I real-“

“Wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait a moment!”

This is dangerous, Shizuki has become unstable. I was relieved because she was stable lately, but it seems that she became unstable by just being away from me.

“I will go right away! You wait there!”

[Huh!? B-But, school—]

“Shut up! This is an order! Don’t move from there! I will arrive in 15 minutes!”

I shout and hang up the phone call, and leave the private room.

Damn, I was careless. I underestimated Shizuki’s darkness and sickness.


I thought that Shizuki being a yandere was rather cute, but after all, she might break beyond repair like this.

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