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That Day The World Changed Chapter 39 part 1


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Thirty-Ninth Episode

I sprint at full power towards Shizuki’s house.

“Haa, haa, haa – i-I arrived in 11 minutes, what is this? I can do it if I try”

I confirm the time with my phone and move into the house.

I ran to the corridor, then upstairs and then head towards the attic. However, the stairs to go up to the attic are stored.

Because it’s her favorite spot, I thought for sure that she would be there.

“Shizuki! Where are you Shizuki!?”

While running in the hallway I scream.

Although I don’t know where, somewhere in this house is her room.

“Ah, right!”

I stop and take out my cell phone from my pocket.

I can make a call and listen for her phone ringing. It’s way more efficient than running around the house.


When I put my cell phone to my ear, I froze on the spot.

Before I was aware, a strange girl was standing in front of me.

From her appearance, I quickly understood that is someone from the Sakura family. And if I go by the process of elimination, then she must be Uzuki-chan.


“A-Aah, did I surprise you? I, no, this onii-chan, is Shizuki-oneechan’s friend” [1]

I bend down to match her line of vision and talk with the gentlest voice I could muster while smiling. However, in my heart, I have quite a storm.

If this child is Uzuki-chan, then her symptoms are more severe than I expected.

“Onii-chan is Shizuki-oneechan’s friend? Then, are you also U-chan’s friend?”

Uzuki-chan talks to me with an indifferent voice as she tilts her head sideways while her eyes are devoid of light.

“A-aah, yes. I’m Uzuki-chan’s friend too”

I nod while smiling so as to not alarm her.

In the Sakura house, Shizuki, Matsuki, Mitsuki and Kazuki-san all have the same color of eyes and hair, which is black. But, Uzuki-chan’s hair is greyish, and her eyes are blue.

She has her hair tied into twin-tails, and her big eyes are like Shizuki’s.

That is fine, but her age is lower than Shizuki’s by 2 or 3 years. So she must be in middle-school, most probably she graduated from wearing satchel school bag not long ago.

But, she isn’t wearing any clothes on her top, nor is she wearing any underwear. So, her large breasts are exposed. And she is wearing a diaper with some cartoon animals drawn on it.

“U-chan was going to go to the toilet by herself. U-chan can go alone”

Uzuki-chan tells me so as she grabs the stuffed rabbit’s ear, and then she reaches out to me and grabs my hand.

“This way”

And while gazing at me with those eyes that lack any emotion, she grabs my hand.


I raise my body and began to walk as urged by Uzuki-chan.

She isn’t at the age to wear diapers. And the way she talks is too childish. Even though she is exposing her breasts, she isn’t feeling any shame.

I feel the large gap between her physical and mental age. It seems that she stopped growing when she was young.

And I remember what Matsuki told me.

When Matsuki broke, the ones who suffered the most were Shizuki and Uzuki-chan.

I was imagining a young girl from the time I saw that shampoo in the bathroom, but this…

Just by this encounter, it seems that her symptoms are much worse than Shizuki’s.

“Uzuki! Where did you go? You want to go to the toilet, right?”

I heard Shizuki’s voice coming from downstairs.

“Ah, it’s onee-chan! Onee-chan! U-chan is here!”

Uzuki-chan released my hand and runs through the corridor while shouting.

The steps coming from the stairs echo, and Shizuki appears.


Shizuki saw Uzuki-chan walking up to her, and then she saw me, and her eyes opened wide.

“U-Uzuki! Come here fast!”

Shizuki furrows her brows and rushes Uzuki-chan with her voice.


Uzuki-chan stopped mid-way, and then turns around and starts running towards me.

Even though her behavior is that of a young child, her mature body and her exposed breasts shaking as she moves, make for a tremendous gap

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  1. He corrects himself mid-sentence to change the “Ore” to “Onii-chan”. Back to text

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