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That Day The World Changed Chapter 39 part 2


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“Wait, Uzuki!”

Shizuki starts chasing after Uzuki-chan while calling her.

Shizuki has a face as if she showed me something she shouldn’t have.

“Onee-chan is scary! Uwaa”

Uzuki-chan runs while raising her arms.

“Uzuki, s-stop it! Please, don’t bother him!”

Shizuki speaks with a pale face.

As I thought, Shizuki, no, everyone in the Sakura family thinks that I would be annoyed if I knew of Uzuki-chan.

That’s why I didn’t see her yesterday.

“Shizuki, it’s ok, it’s really ok”

I open both arms and crouch as I wait for Uzuki-chan.

“Uwaa! Onee-chan is scary!”

Uzuki-chan who is running while crying jumps into my chest as it is. And I hug her while gently stroking her back *Pom Pom*.

“It’s ok; you don’t have to be scared. There is nothing to be scared of…”

And whisper gently.


Shizuki stands before me and calls me in a low voice.

“Don’t worry. A child similar to you is quite cute”

I look up at Shizuki while rubbing Uzuki-chan’s back, and said so to her.

Shizuki’s eyes open wide, and her shoulders shake as she looks down. And drops fall down from her cheeks to the floor.

Are you regretting that I meet Uzuki-chan? Or are you glad that I accepted her?

Either way, that’s not something to worry about. There is something more important.

“Hey Shizuki, what is that style?”

I wanted to talk about it the moment I saw her, but I couldn’t.

Shizuki is wearing a light blue camisole tucked up, with her breasts exposed, moreover, she isn’t wearing any underwear.

“Eh? …… Ah!?”

After raising her face to look at me, she turns to look at herself and then she hides her breasts and crotch with her hands as her face turns red. And she stands there fidgeting.

“E-Ehm, t-this, ahm, ehm…”

Shizuki tries to explain in a hurry.

Well, yeah, she was probably masturbating.

She even said on the call that she fainted due to that.

I don’t have a problem with her wearing that in front of me, rather I like it very much.

The problem is—

“Listen Shizuki. Rather than worry about your appearance, you should worry about the entrance door that was open. It’s not that the clothes you are wearing are wrong, but if I’m not near you, what will you do if someone tries to attack you”

I’m calmly talking to Shizuki, but in reality, I’m quite angry.

While the front door was unlocked, she was masturbating almost stark-naked and even fainted. If someone takes advantage of her in that state and attacks her, she can’t even resist nor escape.

“A-aha, ahaha… That wouldn’t happen master, rather, I would like to be assaulted—“

“Shut up idiot! I’m talking seriously! It’s okay to masturbate! But, please do so after checking that the door is locked! Be careful next time! Do you understand? This is an order!”


Though Shizuki was trying to laugh it off, I scold her seriously, and she stands upright to answer me. Because of that, her exposed breasts tremble.

Moreover, her cheeks are blushing red as she smiles; it seems that she is glad to be scolded by me.

Because the beauty values have reversed, I understand that the possibility of Shizuki, who is an absurdly beautiful girl being assaulted is infinitely low. However, there is the possibility of someone aiming only at the body while ignoring the face. Though Shizuki’s face is cute, her body is quite erotic.

While I’m my thoughts, Uzuki-chan who is being held by me trembles.

Is this—

“……….. Fuu”

The trembling Uzuki-chan lets out a sigh. And then she trembles tremendously *Bururu*

Haa, after all she let it out.

“U-chan can go to the toilet alone”

Uzuki-chan said in regret as she buries her face in my chest.

“Ah, right. Next time you can do it properly”

While patting Uzuki-chan’s head I said, and she raises her face.


And nods.

However, in her young and adorable face, there is no smile.

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