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That Day The World Changed Chapter 39 part 3


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We headed to Uzuki-chan’s room and enter.

On the pink curtains there are animated characters drawn, similar to the bed and cushions.

And in the light blue table on the room there are colored crayons scattered together with some drawings.

Really, her mental age stopped growing completely.

“Uzuki, you are sleepy, right? Come here”

I come back to my senses when I hear Shizuki’s voice.

“O-Ooh, hey Uzuki-chan. Your onee-chan is calling for you”

I call Uzuki-chan as I try to hand her to Shizuki.

“No! Don’t want!”

But Uzuki-chan doesn’t leave.

“Onee-chan is scary! I prefer onii-chan!”

Her voice is that of a young girl, but Uzuki-chan is smaller than Shizuki by approximately one fist. The sight of such a girl acting spoiled like a little girl gives off a sense of discomfort.

Moreover, she is wearing a diaper.

“Don’t want! Don’t want! U-chan hates onee-chan!”

Apparently Shizuki’s voice right now sounds scary to Uzuki-chan and she clings tightly to me.

Shizuki is flustered at such Uzuki-chan.

“What should I do? I’ll do it”

When I ask Shizuki, her smile cramps and her face goes pale.

“Oh, she’s going to sleep until noon, but before that her diapers needs a change…”

Shizuki says that with difficulty.

“I-I see. What should I do…?”

Shizuki has a cramped smile as she watches Uzuki-chan clinging onto me.

She is a pretty girl. Although she is more of a loli than Shizuki, it wouldn’t be strange if she were to wear a sailor uniform. Changing the diapers of such a girl, as expected is……

“Onii-chan is good”

Uzuki-chan raises her face and looks at me after separating from me. And then she goes to the bed, and lies on her back.


Shizuki seems troubled and calls out to Uzuki-chan, then she trembled and her eyes start to get filled with tears.

Ah, she is going to cry.

“I don’t mind doing it, but what about you Shizuki? I want you to answer me without thinking about not annoying me”

When I ask Shizuki, her eyes shook as she looks at me with a worried face.

“T-That… If you did that, it would be a great help”

Shizuki answers while looking at me. Does Shizuki really understand? If the other person was a little girl, then there wouldn’t be that much of a problem. But Uzuki-chan is a pretty young girl. Even though her speech and behavior are that of a young girl, her body is that of a young girl.

Looking at Uzuki-chan, she was staring at me.

She seems to be watching out for how Shizuki’s and my conversation is going to end.

She will definitely cry if I refuse.

There is no other way.

“I understand, I’ll do it”

While sighing inwardly, I answer Shizuki.

The other party is a little girl with the body of a woman. She can’t take responsibility nor judge correctly like Shizuki, Matsuki or Mitsuki would do. She is a little girl.

Then I will steel my heart and cut all impure thoughts.

“Yay, yay, onii-chan!”

Uzuki-chan speaks happily while on the bed without knowing of my feelings right now; even though her face is still expressionless. As such, her breasts shake.

A beautiful girl with blue eyes and gray hair tied in a twin-tail, and her breasts are shaking.

It is a direct hit to my libido.

“A-Aah, then, should I take off her diaper?”

I kneel next to the bed and ask Shizuki.

Shizuki comes and sits next to me; her lower half is completely naked while she wears only a camisole.

Nfuu, my libido is boiling right now; I should take it out on Shizuki later. After thinking that, I felt a little relieved.

“Y-Yes. After taking off her diaper, you have to use a wet tissue to wipe her and then put on a new diaper”

Shizuki who is sitting next to me takes out a box with wet tissues and a diaper to change into.

Wipe? Wipe… Well, yes.

“I-I understand”

I nod, and then move closer to the bed while kneeling.

As the bed rustles due to my movements, Uzuki-chan’s breasts tremble a bit. And she doesn’t even show a dust of vigilance.

Shizuki will be severely committed later. Quite intensely.

I spoke so to myself in my mind, as I extend my hands while holding Uzuki-chan’s diaper.

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