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That Day The World Changed Chapter 40 part 1


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Fortieth Episode

I grab Uzuki-chan’s diaper and slowly drag it down.


Shizuki raised a small voice just as the diaper was making it past the crotch area. And at once Uzuki-chan’s face goes crimson red and tears start to accumulate on her eyes.


She must be trying to stop me. I turn to look at Shizuki who is trying to stop me and shake my head at her.

The fact that Uzuki-chan’s face turned red when she noticed that I took off her diaper is proof that she cares about having peed herself.

Even if she is exposing her breasts without a bit of shame, it seems that she cares a lot about being able to go to the toilet by herself.

It’s alright Uzuki-chan, you can already use the toilet by yourself”

I smile and talk gently to Uzuki-chan as I stare into her eyes.

U-chan, will do her best”

Uzuki-chan mutters with a trembling voice.

It wasn’t just the pee in the diaper that Uzuki-chan is concerned about.

She also minds that place.

The fact that she worries about that is enough proof that she understands her situation.

Uzuki-chan lifts her feet herself so that I can take off the diaper. Then, holding up the back of her thigh, I wipe her butt.

Although because of that, her faint pink lips and ass crack are in full view.

Thank you, Uzuki-chan”

An absurdly beautiful girl that looks like Shizuki but with gray hair and blue eyes. It’s quite a view to have such a beauty expose her shameful parts. If it was another situation it would be enough to fuel my libido, but unexpectedly this wasn’t the case.


Shizuki watches me anxiously and hands me a wet tissue.

Oh, thank you”

I thank Shizuki for the wet tissue and wipe Uzuki-chan’s ass with it.

Uzuki-chan’s ass was dirty with a color similar to a boiled egg’s skin.

After cleaning it, her ass looks too pure and free of defilement as if to show Uzuki-chan’s pure mind.

Then, Shizuki suddenly came close to me and with her lips close to my ear she whispers.

Although you finished cleaning U-Uzuki-chan’s ass, you should clean well her pussy so that because it would be dangerous if left like that. I’m sorry for troubling you”

Shizuki whispers so to me. I see. Inside her pussy too, huh?

I nod to Shizuki, then smile while looking at Uzuki-chan. And then I wipe Uzuki-chan’s pussy lips with a new set of wet tissues then look at Shizuki.

Shizuki shows a bitter smile and shakes her head horizontally.

Huh? Isn’t this enough?

When I appeal to Shizuki with my eyes, she nods her head horizontally again.

What do I do. Honestly, I don’t know.

With a troubled expression Shizuki moves her hands towards Uzuki-chan’s butt. And with the fingers of her hands she opens Uzuki-chan’s crack to the right and left.

And the salmon pink flesh walls of Uzuki-chan’s pussy get exposed.

Uzuki-chan’s mind is that of a little girl, but her body is that of a young woman. Even her clitoris if firmly asserting itself.

As I saw it, I scolded myself for looking at her that way. Don’t look at Uzuki-chan with such eyes.

Well, if she opened her pussy like that, it means that I should wipe it firmly even though it doesn’t look dirty, right? I shouldn’t ask too much.

U-Uzuki-chan, I’m sorry”

Due to the strange guilt building up inside me I instinctively apologized to Uzuki-chan.

Even though I apologized to her, she looks at me with her empty eyes. For her it’s normal to have the insides of her pussy cleaned, it’s natural.

Onii-chan, why are you sorry?”

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