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That Day The World Changed Chapter 40 part 2


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Uzuki-chan asked why I apologized due to her anxiousness.

Ugh, this is troublesome, there is no way I can tell Uzuki-chan that I apologized to her to run from my guilt because I felt lust after watching her pussy.

However, I can’t not explain. Even if I explained, it would be too complex of a story for Uzuki-chan, and I would even need to explain to her why I felt lustful.

This onii-chan is very kind and great. He apologizes as soon as he does anything wrong, And even if your older sister tells him not to do something he will comply, it’s a wonderful trait to be able to recognize your wrongdoings”

Shizuki said to Uzuki-chan after noticing I was in trouble.

How about Uzuki? Uzuki can apologize properly, right?”

Shizuki provoked Uzuki-chan with a smile. Uzuki-chan pouts at her provocation.

I can do it! U-chan can do it”

Uzuki-chan raises her hands in protest against Shizuki while blushing.

Shizuki, who is holding open Uzuki-chan’s pussy snorts at that.

Due to that, Uzuki-chan becomes even more irritated, and Shizuki watches her with a smile on her face as a restless air emanates from the two of them.

I don’t care about that, I want to finish cleaning and be done with it.

Hmm. Even though you don’t listen to what your sister tells you”

I can do it, U-chan can properly apologize to onii-chan”

Hee, I see. I want to see you properly doing it after this”

I hate sister!”

Ok. Then I hate you too”

A dangerous air began drifting from the two of them while they converse.

Hey, please, can you do that after I’m done changing the diaper?



Uzuki-chan gives up the staring contest with Shizuki while pouting.

Because of Uzuki-chan’s mental age, it’s not that surprising to see that attitude from her, but Shizuki, what are you doing acting like a child.


Uzuki-chan unexpectedly forgot about her anger and stares at Shizuki.


Shizuki answers without looking at Uzuki-chan’s face.

Onee-chan, ehm, something is different”


Shizuki seems surprised at what Uzuki-chan said.

Onee-chan didn’t meet my eyes. Didn’t meet U-chan’s eyes. Onee-chan looked at U-chan, I’m happy!”

At Uzuki-chan’s words, Shizuki opens her mouth and eyes wide.

Didn’t meet her eyes. I mean, it wasn’t like Shizuki was angry or anything. Maybe because she got scolded by Shizuki. Before she said that because Uzuki-chan was like a child, it was okay.

Maybe she was aware of that. And that’s why she is pleased at Shizuki for getting angry at her. The fact that she got angry means that she cares about what Uzuki-chan does.


I laugh.

Who was the one that happy for getting scolded by me, who was it?”

When I say that while desperately trying to bear with my laugh, Shizuki’s face reddens in a moment.

Shizuki who was happy for getting scolded by me and Uzuki-chan who is happy because her sister got angry at her. They definitely are sisters.

As Shizuki’s face reddens more and more, she says “Nothing” without voicing it out.

I wonder if she can’t object even if she wants to.

Whatever, this points to the possibility of Shizuki and Uzuki-chan being on the same level of psychological damage.

Shizuki-oneechan’s face is becoming bright red. She is cute. Right, Uzuki-chan?”

Waa, it’s true, she looks like an octopus, cute~”

Right? Cute, right?”

Cute. Sister is cute~”

Right, right? She’s cute, right?”


Due to the constant harass by me and Uzuki-chan, Shizuki blushes even more and stares at me with teary eyes as she trembles.

I-I’m not cute…”

Shizuki, who is so embarrassed that it’s like she feels like dying, denies Uzuki-chan’s and my opinion.

Shizuki-oneechan is cute, right?”


I turn to the side and ask Uzuki-chan, and she nods in agreement to my question.

Uuh! Uuh! Uuh!”

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