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That Day The World Changed Chapter 40 part 3


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Although Shizuki seems to want me to stop calling her cute, I completely think otherwise. She starts hitting the bed with her hands while mumbling due to the shame.

I judged that it was time to harass Shizuki as she hits the bed while sitting on her knees due to the shame.

Uzuki-chan, isn’t your onee-san cute as she becomes bashful due to being called cute?”


Right? She is cute, right?”


I ask Uzuki-chan while grinning and she follows my lead.

Due to Shizuki’s self-evaluation being so low, the effect of this type of harassment is quite high.


As a result, Shizuki can’t do anything but groan in embarrassment as she hits the bed.

As she crawls in embarrassment, due to her not wearing any underwear, all her holes are visible. Although she is writhing in embarrassment, her body is quite honest as I look at her pussy.

Her salmon pink pussy wriggles and convulses as love juice overflows endlessly.

There is no doubt that she is shy and embarrassed. However I guess she wants me to cherish her. I can’t help it, she depends too much on me.

Fufu, so cute.

U-chan wants to go into the tantan”
Suddenly, Uzuki-chan speaks.

Huh? Tantan? What is that? Is it socks? Does she want to go into socks?


Tantan is the bath. I think she wants to enter the bath”

As I was confused by Uzuki-chan’s words, Shizuki recovered and whispered to me as she came close.

I wonder when she recovered? Was she waiting for a chance to change the flow of the talk? I wanted to bully her a bit more.

Oh, well. Anyway, that meant bath? I didn’t know.

If it’s the bath, you can go. Don’t worry, I won’t go in in the middle”

While smiling at Uzuki-chan, I whisper to Shizuki. Then Shizuki nods as her cheeks redden. And she rubs her thighs together.

I can’t return until I let out my libido into Shizuki. Moreover, because of Shizuki’s nature I can’t return as it is.

U-chan wants to enter the tantan with onii-chan”

At Uzuki-chan’s sentence I gulp down my saliva.

I look into Uzuki-chan’s face as she stares at me.

No, it’ll be really bad if we take a bath together. Besides her breasts, the other holes as her pussy and ass will be exposed.

And the bath is a place where I would end up relaxing. If a mistake happens, it can’t be undone.

Well, then it is onii-chan and onee-chan together with Uzuki”

While I was worrying, Shizuki speaks.

Uzuki-chan responds and nods energetically.

Then they both stare at me.

Hey Shizuki, don’t decide on your own. But well, if Shizuki is together with me, maybe there won’t be a problem?

I-I understand”

I answer while sighing and Shizuki gets close to Uzuki-chan’s ear and says.

See? This onii-chan is kind, right? But, you can’t be selfish just because he is kind”

Yes, U-chan understands”

Shizuki talks with Uzuki-chan while watching me, and she nods at Shizuki’s words.

Hey, I can hear it all. That defeats the purpose of whispering, if you are going to speak close to the ear, at least speak “HisoHiso”. [1]

Onii-chan’s cheeks are getting red~”

Fufu, you’re right, cute, right?”

Yes, onii-chan is cute~”

I felt my face rapidly becoming hot at their whispers. Shizuki, are you trying to retaliate? All right, go ahead and do it. In return I will get back at you 100 times worse for this.

And this, it has been set in stone that we will enter the bathroom together.

  1. That is the sound effect for whispers. Back to text

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