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That Day The World Changed Chapter 41 part 1


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Forty-First Episode

Yay! Tantan with onii-chan!”

Uzuki-chan runs in the corridor while shouting loudly.

Wait Uzuki! You said you wouldn’t run naked, didn’t you!?”

Shizuki runs after Uzuki-chan while shouting.

In the end it was decided that we would take a bath, and that Uzuki-chan would wear a new diaper after that. So, she stormed out of the room stark-naked.

Shizuki chases after Uzuki-chan while shouting while exposing her lower half. So, even if she is angry, while she is in that state, not even Uzuki-chan would listen to her, she doesn’t have any persuasive power.

Uzuki-chan seems to be enjoying herself”

I mutter while looking at the two running in the hallway.

I don’t know much about Uzuki-chan so I can’t tell her from the past Uzuki-chan.

However, I heard a bit about her, and I think that she looks a bit brighter than before.

–Onee-chan is somehow different.

Uzuki-chan said so. And was pleased to be scolded by Shizuki.

But there is no smile…”

When hearing her voice, it feels like she is having fun. A full smile can be pictured easily. But in her face there is no smile. It isn’t possible to read any emotions.

Her father abandoned her mother and family, and her mother broke down. From her form of speech, it seems she knew Shizuki before breaking. Perhaps Shizuki broke down before Uzuki-chan did.

In other words, Uzuki-chan only knows about her broken mother. And the family collapsing after that.

She grew up in a family where being broken was the norm.

Surely that is the cause for Uzuki-chan’s mental growth stopping, and it isn’t a laughing matter.

However, if it’s only by her voice, she can show emotions.

It may be somehow related to an unusual event that happened to Shizuki.

She met me, spent time with me, Shizuki obviously changed. Matsuki agreed with me on that point. No, Matsuki was more sensitive to that change than me.

Some time has passed since Shizuki and I started to spend time together. In the meantime, I don’t know how the Sakura family changed.

Perhaps she was in quite a severe condition when we met.

Maybe after she started to change, her family too started to change.

Supposing that all the family changed because of Shizuki’s change, maybe Uzuki-chan’s change was caused by that situation…”

Was Uzuki-chan unable to express her emotions in her voice before? Supposing that Shizuki changed and somehow influenced Uzuki-chan in the process, resulting in Uzuki-chan being able to express her emotions through her voice.

However, what if because she started to change she can’t just yet mesh her emotions in her voice and face?

If so, it may be possible for Uzuki-chan to completely recover.

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