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That Day The World Changed Chapter 41 part 2


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When I arrived at the changing room, the naked Uzuki-chan and the stark-naked Shizuki were struggling.

I hate onee-chan!”

Then hate me! I understood already so be quiet! I don’t want master to feel disgusted anymore!”

Bee da!” [1]

Kuu! You’re not cute! I’ll tell Kazuki onee-chan! Kazuki onee-chan is scary when she gets angry!”

Funn! Kazuki onee-chan is always kind with U-chan! Kazuki onee-chan loves u-chan! Unlike with Shizuki onee-chan!”

Are you an idiot!? I’m the one Kazuki onee-chan likes the most! She treats me better than anyone else! Besides, she borrowed a ribbon more important than my life from me! So she will like me even more!”



Both are gripping each other’s hands while abusing each other and comparing power. Moreover, Shizuki is saying some things a siscon would say.

It seems like Kazuki-san is very popular.

As it is, Uzuki-chan’s mentality is that of a young girl, and her physique is somewhat inferior to that of Shizuki’s. But Shizuki was chasing after Uzuki-chan in the hallway and couldn’t catch up to her. In other words, even if there is some physical advantage, Uzuki-chan seems to be better in the physical area.

Shizuki, who has better physique, and Uzuki-chan who has better physical strength. The two plus and minus compete.

Onii-chan likes U-chan!”

Nugugugu! Stubborn!”

U-chan will become onii-chan’s wife!”

Uwaaaaa! I won’t forgive you for joking about that!”

It’s decided!”

Who decided!? Who!? Who decided that!?”


I thought so, but it still irritates me!”

The two face each other with bright red faces. The power is perfectly balanced. And the childness level is balanced too.

One is a beautiful girl with black hair in twin-tails and the other has gray hair in twin-tails. And they stare at the other’s eyes intensely. Such two people are standing off with pure strength while naked. And they are likely using up quite the amount strength judging by how they bodies tremble, causing their boobs to shake. It’s quite a luxurious sight.

I should have brought a video camera.

Kuu! Ugu! Ugugugu!”

Shizuki’s whole body is red as if it was burning, and she clenches her teeth while groaning as she begins to be pushed back.


Uzuki-chan’s body turns red as she clenches her teeth while groaning and pushes Shizuki in a try to take her down.

Although Shizuki wins in physique, her body isn’t performing that well. If it was pure arm strength, Shizuki may win, but Uzuki-chan surpasses her in physical strength, and agility. And it seems to become worse for Shizuki as it becomes an endurance test.

If possible, I don’t want to stop their confrontation, because it’s a rare opportunity for them to throw her feelings at each other, this will surely become a good influence for Uzuki-chan.

Perhaps it will have a good effect on Shizuki too.

However, it will be bad if the elder sister loses.

If you want to take a bath with me raise your hand”

I who was watching their struggle while standing in the dressing room’s entrance, raise my voice as I clap my hands.



The two who had been competing with each other release their hands at the same time, and raise their right hands while their boobs shake.

I look at Uzuki-chan with a full smile and nod. Then look at Shizuki with reproachful eyes.

Shizuki perceives that I’m looking at her reproachfully and she holds her right hand up despondently. It seems that she is conscious that she was acting childish.

Shizuki, come over here for a moment”

While staring at Shizuki, I call her.

Shizuki trembled when I called her and looks down. Upon seeing Shizuki like that, Uzuki-chan brought her right hand to her mouth and laughs “Pupupu”. Her face isn’t laughing, but her voice is.


  1. Childish way of insulting by putting out the tongue. Back to text

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