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That Day The World Changed Chapter 41 part 3


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Onee-chan will be scolded”

Then, Uzuki-chan mutters.

Shizuki heard her mutter and became watery eyed as she felt even more flustered. However, following my order, she approaches timidly.


You are the older sister, aren’t you?”

Standing in front of me, she raises her trembling voice while looking at me with her shaky eyes. And I stop her, then lightly hit her head.

Pupupu. You’re being scolded”

Although her face isn’t laughing, she mutters pupupu while looking at Shizuki.

Shizuki was wrong this time no matter how I look at it. Uzuki-chan is the young sister, and her mind is that of a child. It’s fine to collide against each other, but Shizuki’s strength is too low. So I dared to scold her in front of Uzuki-chan. However, Shizuki won’t stand this to the end and will be sulky.


The other party is a child. So, act like an adult, because I will reward you if you do”

I brought my mouth close to Shizuki’s ear and whisper so that Uzuki-chan doesn’t hear it.

And at an angle not visible to Uzuki-chan, I play with Shizuki’s nipple.


Shizuki trembled when I touched her nipple and a faint voice leaked out.

Shizuki’s nipple is erect due to being stimulated, and she looks up at me with her melting eyes.

Well, your childish side is cute too, but don’t show that to Uzuki-chan, show that to me”

I whisper that and play with her nipple again.


Shizuki trembles and her sweet voice leaks out, while she looks at me with her melting eyes, and she moves her thighs together. Then she nods.

Okay, good kid, then show Uzuki-chan that you are the older sister”

Shizuki nods after hearing my whisper, then she straightens her back and turns back. And then she walks towards Uzuki-chan.

Because I’m an adult, I’ll forgive Uzuki’s selfish attitude, because I’m an adult”

Standing in front of Uzuki-chan, she looks at Shizuki as she said that, and my knees almost lost strength.

Because you are an adult, that is a childish thing to say.

Onee-chan, you’re slow…”

Shizuki stretches her chest as she looks at Uzuki-chan.

Uzuki-chan after looking at Shizuki acting like that, muttered with a sad voice. Then, in Shizuki’s temple a blue vein appeared.

Shizuki, Uzuki-chan’s answer was quite great, if you get angry now, it’s your loss.

What an uncute kid! Now I’m mad! I’m really angry!”

Bee da!”

Shizuki shouts angrily at Uzuki-chan and catches her hands, Uzuki-chan reacts by putting her tongue out. And the struggle resumes.

Shizuki, you lost in many ways.

Well, she’s still cute.

I gently pull back Shizuki after breaking down their struggle as I exercise my authority as the referee.

I don’t care about Uzuki! I won’t take care of you anymore!”

I guess she knows that she lost. So, she seems to be quite angry.

It’s okay! I have Kazuki onee-chan, and onii-chan. U-chan is very popular!”

Uzuki-chan enters the bathroom and sits down on a chair then turns her face away as she says that. *Bikibiki* Blue veins rise up in Shizuki’s temple when she heard that.


Although Shizuki laughs, her face isn’t one of someone laughing.

Eh, ehe, ehehehe…”

Shizuki turned pale when she saw me, and laughs while putting her fingers in front of her chest.

She saw me and understood that she went against my order and went against Uzuki-chan.

It is unexpected from Shizuki, the one who always gave my orders top priority, to forget about it.

Perhaps she can’t control her emotions well, she as well might be confused due to losing her self-control. However, this is probably a good thing.

From Uzuki-chan’s point of view, Shizuki’s state may seem to be good. However, if compared with her self previously, she is still in a dangerous state.

Because of her fast recovery, she may be unable to control herself.

Then, I won’t scold her, it’s necessary to experience full throttle many times. Then I will be her brakes. While repeating it many times, she should be able to stop herself in the future.

And the same can be said about Uzuki-chan.

While thinking so, their compatibility is outstanding. Since their ages are similar, their emotions will go wild with just them being together.

The problem is the brake when I’m not around, but right now I have too much on my shoulders due to Matsuki. Right now, I should focus on Matsuki’s recovery.

Mitsuki isn’t fit to support Matsuki. Also, she usually stays in her apartment alone.

However, it’s okay. This house has a lynch pin. Kazuki-san should be able to do it. But—

Kazuki-san has problems too. I should give her a present next time. What would she like…”

To my mutter, both of them suddenly answer at the same time.

U-chan is onii-chan’s wife!”

Kazuki onee-chan is a problem in many ways…”

Shizuki mutters with a voice full of anger as she shakes, with a red face.

Both of them are easy to understand. I wonder if she is aware that she can’t win against Kazuki-san.

Even if I have a physical relationship with Matsuki and Mitsuki with Shizuki’s permission, it seems that Kazuki-san is the only exception.

Perhaps even if I have a physical relationship with Matsuki and Mitsuki, she may understand somewhere in her mind that I will never be taken away.

However, when the other party is Kazuki-san, she seems to be in alert, she may unconsciously think that my body and mind will get deprived by Kazuki-san.

If you reverse it, it’s like Shizuki evaluates Kazuki-san so highly.

Well, that’s obvious, Kazuki-san was the one that tried the hardest when the family needed it the most. Even if she doesn’t want to admit it, she probably already has.

I thought that Kazuki-san was similar to me, but that was my misunderstanding.

She is too powerful to be compared to someone like me. It’s understandable that Shizuki is alert.

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