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That Day The World Changed Chapter 42 part 3


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“Haa, fuu, haa, fuu, haa, fuu, haa, fuu”

Uzuki-chan’s breathing rapidly became rougher as her breasts go up and down. And her thin peach colored nipple at the tip of the swinging breasts rapidly go erect.

You don’t have to endure it. Just let go with it…”

Shizuki speaks gently to Uzuki-chan, and I felt some haste in her voice.

Hurry up. Stop showing such an unsightly behavior to master. It seemed as if she was saying that.

Shizuki gently caresses Uzuki-chan’s clitoris while pulling and inserting the finger in her anus and takes out her tongue to stimulate Uzuki-chan’s erect nipples.

“Fuu, fuu, fuu, fuu, fuu, fuu”

Uzuki-chan’s breath becomes more and more rough. And the mucus overflowing from her crack increased in quantity.

Uuh, uuuh, fuuuuu”

With a finger sticking deep into her anus. Uzuki-chan’s body cramped and convulses as she moans, and liquid came out from her pussy.

Shizuki who was stimulating Uzuki-chan’s body, had an expression distorted by pain at the sight.

The older sister that gives pleasure while suffering and the younger sister that drowns in pleasure without understanding anything.

Uzuki-chan who doesn’t know about her sister’s feelings, loses power in her body and looks up at the ceiling while soaking in the reverberations of pleasure.

This isn’t good. This is really bad.

If this keeps going, it will turn very bad.

Shizuki understands it as well. That expression on her face says everything. But she can’t do anything but just keep watching as her sister stays like that.


I don’t know what to say to Shizuki, but I ended up calling her name.

Looking at Uzuki-chan who has an ecstatic expression on her face, while drooling from the edge of her lips, and occasionally suffering convulsions.

I know. However, I don’t want to burden master any more than this…”

Shizuki looks at Uzuki-chan and mutters with a weak voice.

Besides, this role has been taken by Kazuki-oneechan, I don’t want to fawn on her any more than what I have…”

Until a while ago they were having a lot of fun together, but now not even a shadow remains on her face.

The problems keep piling up. Neither the illness nor the darkness are things I understand. Even if they recover, there are scars that will remain.

In such a state, there can be no decency.

Right. Can’t let Kazuki-san carry any more burden than this. However, Shizuki, you shouldn’t carry any more burden”

Even though there are signs of recovery after a long time. If the burdens placed on her are to pile up, she will return to square one.

I think I already told you, but before I became a popular ikemen, I lived as a monstrosity up to that time, and I was subject to terrible treatment. However, I ran away from reality, with the little pride I had left I devoted my entirety to two-dimensional erotic manga filled with pretty girls, I averted my eyes from reality. Although I was never strong, I didn’t break, and I won’t”

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