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That Day The World Changed Chapter 42 part 4


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Shizuki stares at me smiling from ear to ear as I said that to her.

Leave everything to me. Your entire family are my possessions. No one will escape”

As I finished speaking Shizuki jumped to me instantly.

The scariest thing for me would be master disappearing! So, I don’t want you to overwork yourself. But I can’t do anything but rely on master, and I hate that!”

Her sorrowful cry echoes in the bathroom.

Kukuku, don’t underestimate me. I was told that I could rot things with my touch. That it was unbearable to even breathe the same air because it was infected due to my presence. So in a certain meaning I’m the strongest, even cancer cells would run barefoot at my presence”

I laugh and said so to Shizuki while hugging her.

Her skin is very soft, and yet sticky smooth skin.

It’s okay to repair or mend it, to be honest. This is mine. So I will do anything if it’s necessary.

Well, because I’m doing it out of my free will, you are free to do whatever you want, but, when Uzuki-chan goes to sleep I’m going to violate you. Even if you cry and ask me to forgive you I will never quit until I feel better”

I drew my mouth closer to Shizuki’s ear while embracing her closely, and whisper to her and then lick her ear.

Shizuki trembles and play bites my neck. Or so it was my sweet thoughts, as Shizuki is biting me with enough force to tear my skin apart. In addition to that she moved me hands towards my back and claws me with her nails. As the nails stick to my skin, pain runs over my back. And Shizuki moves her waist.

Are you trying to put my cock in your pussy?

However, I still have a towel wrapped around my waist, so it’s impossible. Although it should be easy to understand, Shizuki still looks for my cock desperately moving her hips. Besides that, she is still biting me and clawing me with enough force to tear my skin apart.

Shizuki is requesting me with enough force to kill.

Looking at Uzuki-chan, I see that she is still immersed in the reverberations from Cumming. So she hasn’t noticed Shizuki yet. However, this won’t go so easily. This is the first time I see Shizuki acting like this. I don’t think she can bear with it until Uzuki-chan goes to sleep. Then I have no option but to do it here.

However, I can’t wake up Uzuki-chan.

Don’t let your voice out”

I whisper to Shizuki, who is tearing me apart.

The bite on my neck, and the pain running through my back don’t matter at all.

Shizuki was forcibly pulled apart from me and she stares at me with her empty eyes.

Apparently, her consciousness seems to have gone off. Red droplets are on her lips, and drop down.

It’s my blood. That’s proof that she cut the skin on my neck. Shizuki seriously tried to kill me unconsciously.

Shizuki licks the dripping blood with her tongue and smiles.

I want to die while killing you…”

I nod towards her.

Aah, that’s good”

And I answer.

Her lovely peach colored lips are painted in red with my blood, and as she smiles, her appearance was so beautiful.

Shizuki, right now you are wonderful. I fell in love again”

I caught a glimpse of her heavy love kept deep inside, and I remembered the vibrating pleasure.

I did do it with Mitsuki and Matsuki due to lust. However, with Shizuki it’s different. All of my distorted actions start with her.

I want to do something for her. However, if she kills me, I can throw everything away without a second doubt. I will throw away everything and will be killed with pleasure. Whatever happens after that doesn’t matter to me.

I’m very decent. Isn’t that right? Shizuki”

I ask Shizuki as I force her to turn her back to me by grabbing her shoulders.

Shizuki stands on her knees on the floor. And I force my cock into her crotch from the back like that.

Her meat hole swallows my cock even though it’s cramped due to all the love juice.

The glans’ tip penetrates deep inside her, and Shizuki’s body cramps.

A-Ah? What?”

It seems that Shizuki’s consciousness came back due to the pleasure.

Don’t let your voice out”

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