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That Day The World Changed Chapter 42 part 5


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I whisper from behind her, as I grab her breasts with both hands. And I pinch her nipples with my fingers.

*BikuBiku* Her body cramps. But she doesn’t let her voice out as I ordered. As I confirmed that I slowly began to move so that no sound was produced. Even if I pay attention so that no sound is made, any little sound will echo in this bathroom.


Uzuki-chan, who seems to have calmed down calls Shizuki.

Hm? What is it?”

Shizuki answers Uzuki-chan while pretending to be calm as her body cramps.

I also want to be embraced by onii-chan”

Looking at Shizuki, who is being embraced closely from behind by me, Uzuki-chan seems to have come to also want it, and she said that while holding one of her fingers in her mouth.

This is by turn. It would be bad for onii-chan if it was two at the same time, right? Wait a little, ok? Please, wait a little…”

Shizuki speaks to Uzuki-chan with a gentle voice, but she can’t stop her body from convulsing, and her rough breathing was echoing in he bathroom.


However, on the surface it seems that I’m only hugging Shizuki from her back, so Uzuki-chan didn’t seem to have any doubts.

Meanwhile my cock slowly but surely pierces the innermost parts of Shizuki.

Uzuki-chan. Lets enter the bath together”

I asked Uzuki-chan, and, while grabbing Shizuki’s breasts pull up her nipples. Although a little late, Shizuki reacts by standing up, but her knees are shaking terribly.


Uzuki-chan nods and goes into the bath first, followed by Shizuki.

Shizuki who is slowly pierced from her back by me, has her nipples crushed. And soaks into the bath facing Uzuki-chan.

It’s warm. The bath is warm, isn’t it Onee-chan?”

Uzuki-chan asks Shizuki at a range close enough to touch her as she plays with the water. Thanks to me penetrating Shizuki’s deepest part, her convulsing body counters the waves on the water.

Yeah, it’s warm”

Shizuki’s body is constantly convulsing, but she puts on a calm face as she answers Uzuki-chan.

How crazy is the pleasure that you are enduring? Shizuki is talking calmly while her pussy is shutting to tight that it’s like it’s going to tear off my cock.

Uzuki-chan, lets count up to one hundred with onii-chan”

Then, us three together”


Upon signaling the start of the count, Uzuki-chan counts the first number, and I repeat.

Onee-chan also has to count!”

Ah? Ah, yes, yes”

Uzuki-chan seems to want to count together and calls Shizuki, Shizuki’s body cramped when she was called.

Then, lets count together. Ready. One”



As it was Shizuki’s turn to count I slowly pierce her deepest part.




Following after me, it’s Uzuki-chan’s turn, and then Shizuki, so the speed at which I pierce Shizuki became slower.

While counting, there were multiple convulsions on Shizuki’s body, which shook the water, perhaps she is cumming.

I want it fast. Intense, more intense. As if ridiculing Shizuki, who surely is thinking so, I slowly count.

And it continued like that the entire count until 100.

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