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That Day The World Changed Chapter 43 part 1


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Forty-Third Episode

I want water!”

Uzuki-chan yelled after counting to 100 and getting out of the bathtub.

We will also go”

I said to Shizuki, lifting her from behind and leaving the bathtub while having my cock inserted.

Haa, haa, haa, haa”

Shizuki is unable to answer as she breathes roughly.

We stayed a good time in the bathtub, but as we slowly counted I was pushing deeply according to that speed, so there was no chance to reach climax.

In short, she was left half-way.

Do you want me to do you intensely?”

I smile from ear to ear and ask the breathless Shizuki.

Haa, haa, haa, haa”

Her desire to try and answer my question was transmitted, but she can’t do that because she’s out of breath.

Although I can’t see because I’m holding her from behind, but right now she is in a posture where everything can be seen from the front. In other words, it’s as if a parent was hugging a young girl while the girl was taking a pee. [1]

Haa, haa, haa. Shi-Shizu-Shizuki is master’s belonging. S-So, play with me however you like. T-That is, my pleasure”

Shizuki answers in between her interrupted breathing.

That answer deserves 100 points”

I’m satisfied with her answer, and so we left the bathroom in the same posture.


Shizuki, who got a full mark from me, although she didn’t voice her pleasure, her pussy tightened so hard that it’s like it’s trying to bite off my cock while her pussy spouts tides, so it’s obvious that she was very pleased.

Because Uzuki-chan said she wanted water, I guess she went to the kitchen, meanwhile Shizuki and I walk together while I hold her from behind and pierce her pussy.

Rather than piercing, my body naturally moves up and down whenever we walk, which shakes her body, and it pushes in as consequence.

Haa, fuu, haa, fuu, haa…. Haa, fuu, haa”

Don’t let out your voice. Shizuki is following my order, and her pussy cramps whenever my cock pierces deep, while breathing heavily.

Shizuki even kept my order in mind and is controlling her breathing, thus turning into the perfect meat doll, however, due to that, whenever I pierce deep inside her she chums, however she isn’t reaching a great climax. And it seems that is reaching her limit.

I’d be in trouble if Shizuki breaks from the harassing and Uzuki-chan sees us when I pull out my cock.

So I pick her up a bit to pull out my cock.

Fuu fuu fuu nn

When I began pulling out, Shizuki began convulsing intensely and tides began spouting, together with that her pussy tightened. And my glans’ head were caught, being unable to completely pull out.

Hey Shizuki, don’t tighten your pussy without permission, I was thinking of pulling out my cock, but your pussy tightened too much, is this your rebellious stage?”

I ask while trying to lift her.

Aah fa s-sorry aah aah hia

Shizuki apologizes to me while moaning, but her body keeps convulsing and while her pussy spurts tides it’s cramping too tight. It seems that her body isn’t listening to her.

Really, this is why rebellious stages are troublesome. I have no option left”

I understand that she isn’t trying to defy me, but I blurt that out, I give up trying to take it out, and lift her legs. As a result, the cock that had been almost out pierces deep into her.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


  1. Kind of weird explanation the author uses here. Back to text

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