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That Day The World Changed Chapter 43 part 2


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And then, as if something inside her broke, she started spurting vigorously.

Because of our difference in height, when I push her upwards with my cock, it pierces deeper than normal. Moreover, Shizuki is on her toes right now. If she puts her feet on the ground like normal, the glans’ head would pierce even deeper. So Shizuki can do nothing but walk on her toes.

Hey Shizuki, walk fast. Uzuki-chan might doubt if we leave her alone too long”

I move my waist to prompt her to walk forward.

Aaah nooo higuu higuuuuuuu

Hurried by my words and my thrust, Shizuki walks forward while on her toes as she moans.

What kind of face is Shizuki making? I feel kind of bad because I can’t see her face.

At this pace we will arrive at the kitchen by the time the sun sets.

Can’t help it. Should I help her?

I leak a sigh, and then move both hands towards Shizuki’s breasts and pull on her nipples.

This will lighten her burden at least a bit.

Nhiiiiiiiiiiiiii ikuuuuuu aaaaaaah I’m sorry—- I’m cumming !”

As I pull her nipples, Shizuki stands on her toes as she reaches a grand climax.

As we walk the cock pierces her deeper, besides, Shizuki is very sensitive on her nipples, so she reached climax easily.

However, I know that Shizuki cam reach climax by playing with her nipple, clitoris, pussy or anus, but the real grand climax for her is when she is intensely committed in her pussy.

In other words, it’s impossible for her to reach the best climax.

Come on, walk faster, one, two, one, two”

While pulling up her nipples I walk forward to push her.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa naaaaaaa naaaaaaaaaaa

Shizuki’s moans raise in intensity as she reaches a grand climax, but even then she desperately tries to walk while on her toes.

Later, no, surely right now Shizuki might be a bit sad. After all, after getting full score from me, she broke my order to keep quiet.

That is why she is desperately trying to keep up the pace even while she cums.

Although she can’t keep her voice down, she is trying to at least follow my last order of walking faster.

This deserves 120 points, it’s very satisfying, but surely she doesn’t understand this. She is cute as she is right now.

When I arrive at the kitchen, a miserable sight was waiting for me there.

The refrigerator is wide open. Food scattered on the floor. A bottle of barley tea is lying on the floor, together with a puddle formed from the spilled tea.

I-I’m sorry…”

Uzuki-chan apologizes to us while sitting on the ground naked.

It seems that she tried to take out a botte of tea from the refrigerator, but she did it quite grandly.

You don’t have to worry. It’s onee-chan’s fault for being late. It’s not your fault”

Shizuki bows forward and apologizes to Uzuki-chan while my cock is still inside her.

Although it’s the same Shizuki that was fighting her little sister some time before, it seems that she now can act properly like an older sister. It’s like a completely different person from before the bath. Besides, she is pretending to be calm even in front of this disaster.

Although she is drenched in sweat, and her knees are shaking.

I thought that it might be better to take out my cock, but I think it’s better to hide my erect cock inside Shizuki’s pussy rather than showing it off to Uzuki-chan.

It’s better to put such a dangerous sword in a sheath.


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