Welcome to our new website!


Finally, welcome to our new website! sniffs It smells like new!

This was possible thanks to anyone who clicked on our links from ouo.io, those who donated us, and obviously all of those who have been part of our Patreon page, even for one month! This is for you!

I’m gonna explain a few things:

Previous chapters

The previous chapters will remain in the other website because there are so much content and linking staff with novel updates, but new stuff will be here!

Ads & Adblock

There will be ads, yes, we know, sorry for that, but the hosting is very expensive, anyway we’re gonna place them, in a near future, on home page and categories page, you will not see an ad on chapters. Promise!

We know that you’re gonna use Adblock, if you want to continue using it in our page at the moment we put the ads, please consider to pledge $1 in our Patreon page and get access to the Exclusive Discord Server and get the chapters in a pretty PDF <3

Arcadia’s Labyrinth Chapter 4 part 1


Contact & Suggestions

If you want to tell us something or you have any suggestions please send us an email to [email protected]


Thank you for reading us~

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